Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (2024)

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Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (1)

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (2)

The All-Star Cast:

Waluigi (Super Mario)

Steve (Minecraft)

Trainer Red (Pokémon)

Red (Among us)

Sans (Undertale)

Basil (OMORI)

Leafy (BFDI)

Mahatma Gandhi (Real Life)

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Noob (Roblox)

Steve entered Sans room, embracing himself for the “cringe festival”.

He shrugged in reluctance. Why the hell was he doing this again?

Everyone seemed to be chatting, in and around the tent in the centre of the room. Some of them had makeshift stands made up of tiles and pebbles throughout the circus. Sans was looking down at everyone from his cage, slightly ashamed of himself.

Gandhi approached Steve with a look of fascination on his face.

Gandhi: “Hmm… This is quite intriguing. Say, Steven, have you ever heard of a “Skibidi”…?”

Steve: (“Please stop…”)

Gandhi: “Quite the interesting trend, isn’t it…? These faces lodged within toilets… However, I do fear the trend will be exterminated within two years…”

Steve: (“I’m fairly sure it’s exterminated already…”)

Waluigi: “Hey, yo’ Stevo’! Leafy made some Skibidi origami… Ya’ wanna see?!”

Basil looked at the three of them reluctantly.

Basil: “Haha…”

Meanwhile, Trainer Red just hunched himself at the corner of the room, staring at the cringe trainwreck judgmentally.

For once, Steve could relate to Trainer Red. This whole festival made Steve recoil…

Steve: (“At least he came…?”)

Steve felt his stomach knot at the absence of Noob. On one hand, exposing all this to Noob might be mentally damaging, but on the other, Steve hadn’t seen him all day and he’d absolutely attend this.

Gandhi: “Now then… Why don’t we get started with the main event.”

Gandhi shoved a board off the ground with his ever-so-slightly ripped muscles, and placed it just behind the tent, forming a stage.

Gandhi attached a rock to his walking stick, and stuck the stick into the stage, as if it was some kind of microphone.

Gandhi: “Yo…? What is up my gangster drillers?!”

Leafy: “H-Huh…?”

Leafy flipped over her “Skibidi” origami stand in surprise.

Gandhi: “Yo… Honestly, my homies… We’ve kinda been, ya’ know… Dissin’ on Sans lately…”

Gandhi: “In earnest, he largely doesn’t deserve a lot of the pain we’ve given him… I see this “Cringe Festival” as a chance to repent for the suffering we’ve caused him, as well as a means for us to finally unite together over a common cause.”

Gandhi: “So les’ get cookin’ with the Annual Cringe Festival’s Rap Battle: 2023!!”

Leafy: “Woooooo~!”

Leafy: “W-Wait… Hold on… It’s not even 2023 anymore…”

Gandhi: “Well, of course not. However, the Cringe Festival is a celebration of 2023 m-meme…”

Gandhi revolted slightly at the word.

Gandhi: “M-Meme culture… Meme culture in 2023…”

Leafy: “Woohoo~! Then let’s get started!”

Gandhi: “I’m your host, M. Gandhi… And we’re ‘boutta start round one~!”

Basil: “M. Gandhi… More like M.C. Gandhi, ahahaha…”

Trainer Red: “That was “cringe”, Basil…”

Basil: “S-Sorry…”

Basil covered his face in embarrassment.

Leafy: “H-Hey! Don’t be mean! Being cringe is the whole point!”

Leafy declared, hugging a Skibidi origami work until it crumpled into a ball of paper.

Gandhi: “So les’ get kickin’ with round one! Leafy versus Waluigi!”

Steve: (“Thank God it’s not me…”)

Leafy: “H-Huh…? Me…? Against Waluigi…? Oh my tree…”

Waluigi: “Wahahaha! Prepare for Waluigi’s greatest diss track!”

Waluigi proudly jumped up to the stage doing gang signs and twirled Gandhi’s walking-stick microphone.

Before knocking it onto the floor.

Leafy: “Oooh~! Mic drop!”

Waluigi: “Wahaha…?”

Gandhi: “M-Maybe try not to drop the microphone until you’re finished, Waluigi…”

Waluigi: “Wahahah… It was just an accident…”

Waluigi: “E-Errr… Nah, accident…? Pffttt… Totally on purpose…”

Gandhi: “W-Well… The microphone is not a toy, It is a powerful weapon, stronger than any blades or words.”

Gandhi: “Ahem…”

Gandhi cleared his throat and senses, and began his announcement.

Gandhi: “So les’ get started~! Waluigi vs Leafy! Which o’ these homies can drop the beat the hardest?! Get ready in three… Two… ONE….! And-

Basil: “U-Um… Don’t we need a judge…?”

Gandhi: “O-Oh… My mistake… In earnest, I’m not the most familiar with “rap battle” culture.”

Steve: “Uh… I can be the judge if you want?”

Steve: (“Anything to stop me from being forced into one of these things…”)

Suddenly, the “Worm Thing” emerged from the ground.

“Worm Thing”: “Hey-Hey-Hey! I can be the host if ya’ want~!”

Sans started rapidly shaking his head the whole 360 degrees from his cage.

Steve: (“I’m guessing that’s a skeleton thing…”)

Basil: “H-Hey… Maybe Sans wants to host instead…”

“Worm Thing”: “Sans?! C’mon buddy! It’s not like he can even hear us rap in that cage o’ his…”

Everyone heard Sans make a muffled refutation from the cage.

“Worm Thing”: “I guess it’s declared, then! I’m the host for your moronic little rap battles! Nyehehehe~!”

Leafy: “Urgh… Way to ruin the party…”

A thud called from the speaker at the corner of the room.

Light: “A-Ahem…”

Gandhi: “Light?”

Waluigi: “Urgh… Now this party’s double-ruined…”

Light: “Ahahaha… This… This “Rap Battle”…?! So idiotic…”

Light gave a frustrated sigh over the microphone.

Light: “I can’t believe I had to engage with you degenerates as if I was one of you on the first two islands. It’s no wonder you didn’t vote for me as leader when this is the behaviour you get up to…”

Waluigi: “Wah?! Ya’ hardly even talked to us! You just stood back and sowed the seeds of chaos~!”

Light: “Ahahaha… How strange… I believe it was you, in fact, who was stirring the pot… With your awful rules and your plan to betray us and all that…”

Light: “If anything, I was the reasonable leader here… Which is hilarious in retrospect… I didn’t fully realise the true criminal potential that all of you have…”

Waluigi: “Grrr…! Shut up, asshole~! At least I wasn’t bullying some kid who you stressed out so much that he had a mental breakdown in the bathroom~!”

Basil froze up.

Light: “Ha… I think you can see his criminal potential from a mile away, that one… Does he give you even the slightest impression of stability…?”

Waluigi: “It’s your fault he’s unstable in the first place, fart-breath!”

Light: “Tch… That’s golden coming from someone who’s been planning to kill us…”

Waluigi: “Why, you…!”

Leafy: “…”


Waluigi: “L-Leafy…?”

Leafy: “L-Light…? D-Did you just say W-Waluigi’s been planning t-to kill us?!”

Leafy twisted her body weakly towards Waluigi before peeking up with fury.

Leafy: “W-Were you planning to betray us?! I-Is t-that true…?”

Waluigi: “Tch…”

Waluigi: “D-Don’t believe him~! It’s j-jus’ Light tryina’ make us get suspicious…!”

Light: “I’m afraid I can validate my claims… Ahahaha…”

Light: “Ahem… Can the “Worm Thing” transfer the files, please…?”

“Worm Thing”: “Hey… Refer to me by my real name…!”

Light: “Ugh… Why did Monokuma make the robots on this island autonomous…?”

Light: “Can you not just carry out your functions and learn to bow down to your God?!”

“Worm Thing”: “God…? Tch… Look at the ego on this one, nyehehehe…”

Light: “Ahahaha… You frustrate me…”

Light: “Just bring the files or I press the button…!”

“Worm Thing”: “O-Oh… Right… Master…”

Waluigi: “The files…? Whatcha talking about?!”

Light: “Tch… Are you mentally handicapped or something?! I’m talking about the files on the second tower…”

Light: “They exposed my truth, so… Ahahaha… It only seems justified that I expose yours…”

Leafy: “…”

The “Worm Thing” left and reappeared from the soil with a file on its hand.

Leafy picked up the file in disbelief.

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “W-What the h-hell, Waluigi…? It says here that…”

Leafy: “W-Waluigi… Is a master of deception…? He has a complex where he tends to fake being a hero in order to trick people…?”

A purple aura flashed through Waluigi’s veins. Pumping unsteadily.


Waluigi breathed heavily, scowling like a manic cat.

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “A-Are you the mastermind or something, Waluigi…?”

Waluigi: “Grrr…! That ain’t true!!”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy took the microphone from Waluigi, preparing herself.

Light: “Hmph… One additional note. I’ll be hosting this “Rap Battle”… Not that “Worm Thing”…”

“Worm Thing”: “W-Wha-, hey~!”

Light: “Scram, or I’ll press the button.”

The “Worm Thing” promptly burrowed away into the soil.

Light: “Now… One additional rule… You may choose a punishment over the person you’re going to beat. Punishment is compulsory.”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “In that case… My punishment… Is to kill Waluigi…”

Steve: “L-Leafy?!”

Light: “Ahaha… You’re aware that that you’d be executed for that, right?”

Leafy: “I don’t care.”

Light: “Tch… Doesn’t bother me. I think I’d actually quite enjoy seeing the maggots feast on your flesh.”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “Waluigi…”

Leafy: “You betrayed me! I thought we were friends… Best friends!”

Waluigi: “…”

Leafy yielded the microphone as if it was a sword.

Leafy: “Challenge me, villain!”

Waluigi: "..."

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (3)

Waluigi: “Wahahaha… WAHAHAHAHA~!”

Waluigi’s body began to glow… Not in purple, but a deep red.

Waluigi: “So that’s how ya’ wanna play, huh?! WAHAHAHAHA~!”

Waluigi’s eyes flashed crimson through the dark.

Waluigi: “Well it’s about time for the Ultimate Villain to shine~!”

Waluigi: “If ya’ lose to me in this battle, I’ll force ya’ to starve yerself’ to death…!”

Waluigi curled his hands like claws.

Waluigi: “Wah.. Wahahaha! So why don’t ya’ take me on, the Ultimate Villain!”

Waluigi snatched the microphone from Leafy’s hands and spun it without letting go.

Waluigi: “Numbah’ one! Numbah’ one! Numbah’ one!”

Waluigi posed himself like a warrior and roared at Leafy. The stage set up flames as Waluigi’s aura flashed a burning red.

A fast, grungy beat began playing from Light’s speaker.

Gandhi just stood in total dismay, knowing that, regardless of the outcome, his celebration had been turned to a feast of carnage.

Waluigi: “Prepare for destruction, Leafy!”

Waluigi coughed, a deepness in his throat revved up.


Waluigi: “I am the inferno, the God of rejection!”

Waluigi: “My villainy pulses like a sickly infection!”

Waluigi: “I’m the Ultimate Villain who burns all in flames!”

Waluigi: “These embers of destruction… Oh, I’ll take the blame!”

Waluigi: “…”

The beat began to grow in intensity, and Waluigi’s voice became more melodic. Angered, yet wistful.

Waluigi: “Give. Up. Ya’ life!”

Waluigi: “There ain’t no point, oh, why ya’ gotta fight!”

Waluigi: “An’, hell shines bright…!”

Waluigi: “I live in the dark an’ I banish the light!”

Waluigi: “I’ll break you down, make yer’ soul go fryin’!”

Waluigi: “Cos’ I’m livin’ a lie that just can’t be dyin’!”

Waluigi: “Everyday there’s these gunshots that burn through my head…!”

Waluigi: “Why don’t I just free them, we’re all best off dead!”

Waluigi: “You’re just burnin’ brightly, too close to the sun!”

Waluigi: “So give up yer’ soul cuz’… I AM NUMBAH’ ONE!!!”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “A-aaagh…”

Basil: “L-Leafy…?”

Waluigi nudged the microphone towards Leafy.

Waluigi: “C’mon! Fight back, dummy…! A villain don’t fight one sided battles!”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “F-Fine..! It’s just…”

Leafy sighed into the microphone.


Leafy: “I guess this is fate, and I’ll meet my end…”

Leafy: “But when I hear your voice, I can’t help but see a friend…!”

Leafy: “There’s this sense of betrayal that burns through the air…”

Leafy: “But there’s a closeness within it, and it just isn’t fair!”

Leafy: “So the truth’s that we’re just a villain and thief…”

Leafy: “But then why’s there this sadness inside both our beats?!”

Leafy: “A ride through my heart has just only begun…”

Leafy: “It’s a flaming tunnel yet at the end there’s the sun…”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “I just can’t take it… It’s not meant to be…”

Leafy: “We’re covering ourselves… Until we can’t even see…”

Leafy: “It’s like we’re just actors, we’re playing a role!”

Leafy: “As it spins through my head… Just what is the toll?”

Leafy: “I drift through this world feeling something is lost…”

Leafy: “And we call this kindness, but… What is the cost?!”

Leafy dropped the microphone, breathing heavily.

Leafy: “Waluigi… W-Why?!”

Waluigi: “Waahaahaaa…! Pathetic…!”

Leafy: “Were you planning to betray us all along…? I thought… We were friends…”

Waluigi: “…”

Waluigi turned his back against Leafy.

Waluigi: “In this world… There’s heroes an’ villains…”

Waluigi: “Nobody gets to CHOOSE who they are in this world!”

Waluigi’s words echoed as he shook his fist.

Leafy: “Gh… I…”

Light: “A-Ahem… Are we done…?”

Leafy: “N-Ngh…”

Light: “Ahahaha… This rap battle really is a great opportunity…”

Light: “I’ll make this simple. Leafy wins.”

Light: “There’s no way I’d miss an opportunity to have not just one, but TWO of you worthless degenerates dead, after all…”

Waluigi: “…”

Waluigi: “Psht… Fine then… Leafy. Kill me.”

Leafy: “…”

Leafy: “I… I…”

Waluigi: “Thas’ how these stories end, right?! The hero slays the dragon!”

Leafy: “…”

Waluigi: “Ya’ know… Red told me somethin’... He had a point…”

Waluigi: “Bad guys… Deserve ta’ die…”

Leafy: “A-Aaagh…”

Waluigi smiled at Leafy.

Waluigi: “C’mon just do it! It’s whatcha’ wanted, right?!”

Leafy: “Aaaghh…! Then… Why… Can’t… I… Do it!!”

Gandhi: “…”

Light: “Ahahaha, Leafy?! Are you braindead?!! Just kill him you freaking moron!”

Leafy: “U-Ugh… I-It’s just…”

Leafy shook her fist at Waluigi, before it wilted downwards.

Leafy: “No matter what… I can’t think of you as a villain! I don’t wanna kill you!”

Waluigi: “...”

Waluigi: “Gh…”

Leafy: “...”

Leafy: “I change my mind, Light! I’m not gonna kill Waluigi over something as stupid as this!”

Leafy: “So what if he was planning to betray me?! T-That’s n-not the Waluigi I know! T-That’s not the Waluigi’s who’s standing right here!”

Light: “Ahahahaha…”


Leafy shivered at Light’s reaction.

Light: “M-My files!! M-My files… They didn’t…”

Light’s furious voice crackled into calm through the microphone.

Light: “It’s alright… It’s alright, Light… I-I can dispose of you through other means… I-I… Can…”

Waluigi: “Wahahah…”

Gandhi: “Hah…”

Light: “What do you mean hah?! What’s funny about any of this?! You were supposed to murder each other!”

Gandhi: “Leafy… You’ve grown.”

Gandhi: “…”

Gandhi walked between the stage, collecting his microphone.

Gandhi: “In earnest… I think we all have… I myself see the world less in black and white ever since I’ve arrived here…”

Light’s voice crackled horribly from the microphone.

Light: “Gandhi?! You idiot! Ahahahaha…! You freaking degenerate idiot!”

Light: “Amongst these scum, you are the most admirable…”


Gandhi: “…”

Gandhi: “Light.”

Light: “What?! What do you want, you demented old man?!”

Gandhi: “Everybody deserves forgiveness. Even you.”

Gandhi: “If you ever get the opportunity, help us extend the olive branch of peace. Between both our groups.”

Gandhi: “Let us have peace.”

Light’s voice cracked wildly through the speakers.

Light: “Ahaahahaaahaaa?! Peace?! PEACE?!”

Light: “Ahahahaha… Don’t play with me! Don’t you see we’re too far gone?!! I’m too far gone!”

Light: “There is no peace in this world! There are heroes and then there are freaking villains! And if the heroes and villains mingle, there's nothing but degenerate slurry to inhabit this world!”

Light: “Ahaahahahaaa… What I’m trying to do for this world is for the better! I’m trying to make… A happy… Perfect world…!”

Light’s voice started to break down like rotten wood.

Light: “A happy… Perfect… World…”

And once again, his voice amplified, like a scream reverberating through a dark tunnel.

Light: “So why can’t you just freaking kill each other?!!”

Leafy: “...”

Waluigi: “...”

Gandhi: “It’s because they don’t want to. Fundamentally, deep down, they are good people.”

Gandhi chuckled towards the source of Light’s voice.

Gandhi: “There’s a part of me that believes you are too.”

Light: “J-Just…! Of course I’m a good person! I think it’s YOU who needs to be questioning your moral judgement!”

Light: “Fundamentally good people?! There's NOTHING like that about those two! They have such insidious criminal potential. A-And much of it has already been awakened!”

Gandhi: “Hmmph… I’ll put that aside, why don’t we focus on the people in front of us right now. The truth is the present and future, not the past.”

Gandhi smirked at Light’s speaker, as if he had won a battle.

Gandhi: “Now… Why don’t we just move onto round two… My drillers…?”

Light: “...”

Light: “Ugh, fine… Round two, begin. Steve versus Gandhi. Go pick each other’s punishment.”

Steve: “M-Me…?!”

Steve: “B-But I’ve never rapped in my life?!”

Gandhi: “Ahaha… You can do it, Steven. I believe in you, my G.”

Steve: “Ugh… Jesus Christ, this is so… Cringe.”

Leafy: “I-Isn’t that kinda the whole point…?”

Steve: “...”

Steve: “Alright… Whatever… I’ll do it…”

Steve stepped up to the stage and grabbed the makeshift microphone that literally didn’t amplify sound whatsoever.

Steve: “Alright… Gandhi, if you lose, I’ll make you do ten push-ups, as your punishment…”

Steve: (“Not like that’s gonna happen.”)

Gandhi suddenly froze in silence.

And then spoke again.

Gandhi: “T-Ten push-ups?!”

Gandhi: “Ahahahah… MWAHAHAHAHAHA…!”

Steve: “Gandhi…?”



Steve: “Um… Okay…?”

Gandhi smiled and shook his head.

Gandhi: “Sorry, I was practising my evil laugh. What did you think?”

Steve: “I mean… Not half bad?”

Gandhi: “Good, I’ve been practising it for a while… I ponder whether I will need it for later.”

Gandhi: “Now. Why don’t we get kickin’ with an epic rap battle?!”

Gandhi snatched the microphone from Steve and hunched himself over maniacally. His glasses flashed black.

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (4)

Gandhi: “Ok homies!!! Let’s get firin’ up the beat!”

A fast, scratchy beat started playing as Gandhi coughed politely, before returning to his former cool dude rapper persona.


Gandhi: “Whaddup my drillers! Gandhi in da’ house!”

Gandhi: “Da’ sickest beats since Mickey-Mickey mouse!”

Gandhi: “I’ll roast ya’ up an’ I’ll roast ya’ down…!”

Gandhi: “I’ll roast ya’ harder than ya’ burn down towns!”

Gandhi: “Yer’ head is shaped like a literal brick…!”

Gandhi: “When yo’ mama gave birth, I heard you made her sick!”

Gandhi: “Yo’ got no style an’ ya’ got no grace!”

Gandhi: “I could shoot ya’ with a gun ‘till you have no face!”

Gandhi: “Yo’ love for diamonds borders on obsession!”

Gandhi: “You’d marry for a ring rather than for succession!”

Gandhi: “The rumours I got bout’ ya’ are ones to behold!”

Gandhi: “They say ya’ eat children! Tha’s what I’m told!”

Gandhi: “It’s probably lies but I’d still send ya’ to the slamma’!”

Gandhi: “Cos’ ain’t nobody love you, not even JOE MAMA!!!!”

Gandhi proudly lifted his composure back to his usual self, and performed a delicate “Mic Drop”.

Steve: (“...”)

Steve: (“What the frick… That last line… So cold…”)

Steve: “...”

Leafy: “C-C’mon Steve… You can do it!”

Steve: “U-Ummm…”

Waluigi: “Heh… Maybe my words don’t mean anythin’ anymore… But I believe in ya’...”

Steve: “...”

Steve: “F-Fine…”

Steve: (“I’m never doing this again in my life…”)


Steve: “U-Ummm…”

Steve: “Gandhi… It goes without saying… You aren’t very good…”

Steve: “U-Uh…”

Steve: “Losers like you belong in the mud?”

Steve: “Losers like you can’t rap for your life…”

Steve: “So maybe you should just…”

Steve: “Give up the fight?”

Steve: “T-That rhymes right…?”

Steve: “Holy sheep… I’m losing my words…”

Steve: “I’m so bad at rapping I don’t want to be heard…”

Steve: “Y-Yeah…?”

Steve: “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing…”

Steve: “I-I-I-I… Yeah…”

Steve: “I’m not doing this anymore…”

Steve dropped the microphone.

Light: “...”

Light: “I can’t believe I’m facilitating this ridiculous game…”

Light: “Steven. Fifteen push-ups. Now.”

Steve went down to the floor and carried out his punishment.

Gandhi: “I’m deeply sorry… Steve… For this cruel and unusual punishment…”

Steve: “Ugh… It’s fine… The only real punishment was having to rap…”

Gandhi looked away from Steve, unfazed.

Steve went back to sitting down, next to Waluigi and Leafy, who were now sitting away from each other.

Steve: (“Ugh… There’s still this intense sense of distrust between them…”)

Steve: (“Honestly… Maybe it’s right…? Why should I trust the Ultimate Thief and the Ultimate Villain, especially with everything Light’s just said…?”)

Light: “Hmph… We’ve still got two more participants who have to rap.”

Light: “Trainer Red and Basil. Get on the stage.”

Basil jumped a little in response to his name, and creeped up onto the stage, while Trainer Red sighed and rolled his eyes, following onto the other side.

Basil: “...”

Gandhi fixated his eyes on the two of them anxiously.

Light: “Choose your punishment.”

Basil: “I-I… I pick n-no punishment, of course… Ahahaha…”

Trainer Red: “...”

Trainer Red: “You have to pick some punishment, little freak.”

Trainer Red: “Nothing in this world works without punishment.”

Basil: “U-Um…”

Basil: “Ahahaha… M-Maybe your punishment, i-is not leaving me alone… A-And b-being my friend, like you really are… L-Like y-you used to b-be…”

Trainer Red: “...”

Trainer Red: “Disgusting.”

Trainer Red: “If I win, then I’ll show everyone the photo.”

Basil: “W-What photo…?”

Trainer Red: “Don’t play dumb. You know exactly which photo I’m talking about.”

Basil: “...”

Basil: “Ahaha… You wouldn’t do that… I-It’s not… You…”

Light: “Ahahaha… This is what I like to see… Why don’t you two get started?”

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (5)

Trainer Red looked at Basil coldly, and picked up the microphone.

A slower beat began to play. Trainer Red readied himself.


Trainer Red: “So this is it, I can’t forgive you…”

Trainer Red: “…”

Trainer Red: “You’re a monster in disguise, an unholy idol.”

The beat turned up, slightly faster, though still slow and sombre.

Trainer Red: “Brimstone at your feet, neck deep in hell.”

Trainer Red: “No God on Earth can free you from your spell.”

Trainer Red: “I’ve tried and tried, trust me there’s no way out.”

Trainer Red: “Give up your soul and live on with no mouth.”

Trainer Red: “Let the purest words infest our inner bones.”

Trainer Red: “Dry us and ripen us, like skin on stones.”

Trainer Red: “In the halls of the worthy, you’re just a disease.”

Trainer Red: “Infesting our insides, let our souls be seized.”

Trainer Red: “Emotion, imperfection, I won’t let you be me.”

Trainer Red: “Set the boat adrift, strangers in sea.”

Trainer Red: “Strangers without brains, we’ll refuse to exist.”

Trainer Red: “The skin to our mind is just merely a myth.”

Trainer Red: “A world in the cold, there is no leaf.”

Trainer Red: “A world in the cold, where you feel no grief.”

Trainer Red: “A world in the cold, where Nobody is all.”

Trainer Red: “So freeze up your heart, let your nerves take the call.”

Trainer Red stopped speaking, rather than dropping the microphone, he placed it on the floor.

He stared distantly, at the emptiness of the distance.

Basil shuddered.

Hesitantly, he picked up the microphone.

And he just stared at it, shaking relentlessly.

Basil: “Aaaagh… AAAAAAAAGHHH…!”

Basil’s breath tore up the air, like icy blades, piercing as far as the tip of Steve’s skin.


Trainer Red: “...”

Trainer Red: “Basil. That’s not how you rap.”

Basil tugged onto Trainer Red’s shirt violently.

Basil: “...”

Basil: “Ahahahahaha… This isn’t like you…! This.. ISN’T YOU…? I-Is it…?!”

He shook Trainer Red violently.

Basil: “You’re not… You’re not… Ahahaha… Forgive me…?”

Trainer Red punched Basil in the face, and twisted his fist inside his eye, until it started bleeding.

Trainer Red: “...”

Basil’s breath tensed.

Faster, and faster, and faster and…

Faster, and faster-

Trainer Red: “Why don’t you try accepting the truth for once…?”

Basil: “T-The truth…? Ahahahaha…? Hah… HAH… Ha…?”

Trainer Red: “Basil…? Can’t you see it? You’re a horrible person, seeped in sin.”

Trainer Red: “There’s only one option left if you wish to repent.”

Trainer Red stared down Basil, laughing.

Trainer Red: “Accept that you’re a murderer, and, if your clingy behaviour is anything to go by, a worthless hom*osexual, and repent by killing yourself.”

Basil: “...”

Basil: “Haha…”

Trainer Red: “You heard me. The only way to cleanse your imperfection is to-

Waluigi: “Stop it!”

Trainer Red: “You again? What was your name again?”

Waluigi: “Just because Basil’s made mistakes in the past doesn’t make him a bad person!”

Trainer Red: “Light. Can you show them the photo?”

Light: “Ahahaha… This is getting interesting…”

Light paused, and suddenly, the “Worm Thing” returned, holding a photo in its mouth. Trainer Red picked up the photo, displaying it to everyone else, as if it was an artifact belonging on an altar.

An image of disgrace.

An image of sin.

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (6)

An image of Basil, lurking eerily over a dead body.

Trainer Red: “This is who Basil really is. It’s time we stop denying the truth.”

Trainer Red bent down solemnly.

Trainer Red: “Lord Arceus, save him.”

Steve: “...”

Waluigi: “Aaaghh…”

Trainer Red: “Waluigi… Basil… You called these people friends, but in truth, they were mere murderers.”

Trainer Red: “I’ll give you the choice. Kill yourselves this instant, and the one true God, Arceus, will forgive you. Or… Choose not to kill yourselves, letting us know that you’re all just a bunch of selfish, self-serving freaks, ready to kill us at any moment.”

Waluigi: “...”

Waluigi: “I ain’t gonna kill myself…!”

Basil: “...”

Trainer Red: “Tch… See… If these people truly were heroic, they’d kill themselves on the spot.”

Steve: (“...”)

Steve: (“Ahaha… What am I thinking…”)

Steve: “Do it, guys…”

Leafy: “S-Steve?”

Steve: “The two of you. Kill yourselves…”

Gandhi: “S-Steven, no!”

Steve: “Do I need to make myself clear?! Only two of us are making it out of here. Killing yourselves would be a noble sacrifice, don’t you see it?!”

Waluigi: “Ghh… Stevo’?!”

Steve: “D-Don’t “Stevo” me! I’m just trying to do what’s best for us!”

Steve: (“What’s best for us…? Ahahaha…?”)

Steve: “We have to… We have to…”

I clenched onto my head… W-What am I thinking?!

Steve: “Ugh… I… Jesus, I need to calm down…”

Waluigi: “...”

Waluigi: “I mean… If that's' what ya’ really believe ‘bout me, I can’t blame ya’...”

Waluigi: “Can’t say it ain’t what I believe ‘bout myself…”

Waluigi walked out of the room.

Basil's heavy breathing swirled like a hurricane.

Basil: “E-Everything’s gonna be… Okay… Haahahaahaaa…”

Basil: “The truth… The truth…? The truth…?!”

Basil: “T-There’s no r-respite, i-is there…?”

Basil ran out the room, clawing at his face until his skin tore as he did so.

There was an empty thirty seconds. Nobody looked at each other.

Trainer Red stood in the middle, complete neutrality on his face. Completely obscured of emotion, but the clicking of something inside of him.

Leafy’s hands wrung with guilt.

Sans observed the scene with an empty look on his face from the cage.

Gandhi looked at himself as if he was looking at a monster.

Steve… Didn’t know what to feel…

What had he done…? Who even am I?

Before he could answer, the lights went out.

Danganronpa: Ultimate Meme Team! - Chapter 58 - AppleTheCreator (2024)


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