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  • Malou MöterNews 14 May

    I över 25 år har den prisbelönta journalisten Malou von Sivers mött exklusiva gäster, så som Britney Spears, Nelson Mandela och Ingmar Bergman, i djupgående intervjuer. Med sin långa världsomspännande erfarenhet återupplivas nu programmet Malou möter där hon på nytt träffar aktuella gäster för längre samtal som berör och engagerar.

    Ansvarig utgivare: Johanna Thulin Bratten.

  • <p>Hello and welcome to Delighted Motherhood, a podcast devoted to delighting ourselves in the Lord and in our calling as moms.</p>

    <p> </p>
    <p>It's self-evident that motherhood is hard --and in some cases deeply painful. But regardless of circ*mstances, in Titus 2 Paul instructs young moms to love their families affectionately. The basis for this command comes not from the enjoyableness of the kids, but rather from devotion to and delight in the Lord himself.</p>

    <p> Join Kira Nelson and a host of other moms in delighting in the Lord and in the callings he's given us through exploring a variety of practical topics related to enjoying motherhood. </p>

    <p> Kira is a wife, a homeschool mom to three little boys, a Bible teacher, a seminary student at SBTS, a long-distance runner, a sourdough baker, a tea drinker, and a lover of all things outdoors. Most importantly, she's a Christian who is loved by her Savior and is captivated by His glory every day. </p>

  • A lighthearted look at the most relatable, intriguing and dysfunctional relationships in film.








  • Dream Out LoudEducation 16 Jun

    The #1 podcast for all young entrepreneurs to come learn the skills, tips and attitude of what it takes to live out their dreams. The host, Morgan T Nelson is a 28 year old entrepreneur from the Gold Coast, Australia. From leaving school with no direction to creating financial freedom at the age of 23 years old. He has an absolute passion for helping other young people follow their dreams and learn about them selves so they can not only live a wealthy and more abundant life, but also one filled with joy, love and purpose.

  • Dr. Mike T Nelson gets geeky with the latest research and scientific findings in the fitness world. Visit www.flexdiet.com to get Flex Diet Certified and www.miketnelson.com for more geeky goodness.

  • The Kids Aren't All RightNews 17 Nov 2023

    If Nelson Mandela was right that there is no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats children, Canada has reason to worry. Our kids are struggling — and no wonder. From education to health care, climate to housing, we are leaving them an inheritance of crisis and anxiety. The Toronto Star looks at how our country is failing a generation, the toll it’s taking on our kids — and how we can turn things around.

  • 義守大學第十屆畢業影展 畢業作品訪談節目

    • 高畫質影片限時播映/精采劇論發表

    • 靜態展覽(義守大學 綜合教學大樓一樓川堂)
    2024.05.20(一)-2024.05.24 (五)

    • 影視之夜Live Show
    2024.05.20(一) -2024.05.23(四)

    • 南區特映會(高雄內惟藝術中心)

  • Culture @ WorkBusiness 11 Dec 2022


    Matt Nelson: Senior Vice President, Crest Insurance Group

    Matt is a Senior Vice President at Crest Insurance Group in Tucson, consulting with companies to identify and implement insurance, risk management, and employee benefits solutions. With more than 15 years of industry experience, he has served as a keynote speaker on the healthcare industry, leadership, workplace culture, and risk management for professional organizations throughout Southern Arizona, including the City of Tucson, Greater Tucson Leadership, the Financial Executives and Affiliates of Tucson, and the CEO Roundtable of Tucson.

    Matt is an active member in the Tucson community, having served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Arizona Army National Guard and volunteering with multiple local organizations, including as Treasurer and a Big Brother with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Arizona, a volunteer with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, Chair of the Pima County JTED’s Business and Industry Council, a builder with Habitat for Humanity and many other local youth charities.

    Email: [emailprotected]
    Phone: 520.784.7636
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mattrnelson2

  • Nelson Arts Festival Pukapuka TalksArts, Books 11 Dec 2023

    Pukapuka Talks is the Nelson Arts Festival's literary programme, bringing together both established and emerging writers with readers.

  • This is the official podcast platform of Nelson Iheagwam Ministries.
    We envision men in their multitude saved, trained and sent out for the work of the ministry.
    We love you

  • Tom NelsonScience, Natural Sciences 20 Jun

    Interviews and presentations on climate and energy realism, with guests including Will Happer, Jerome Corsi, Marc Morano, Carl-Otto Weiss, Valentina Zharkova, Christopher Essex, Henrik Svensmark, Patrick Moore, Ross McKitrick, Willie Soon, Susan Crockford, Peter Ridd, Christopher Monckton, and Richard Lindzen.

  • Willie Nelson - Audio BiographyMusic, Music Commentary, Music History 29 Jan

    Willie Nelson: Gypsy Songman
    Arguably the most recognizable figure in country music history with his iconic long braids tucked under a bandana, Willie Nelson unites generations of listeners with heartfelt songs and a wandering spirit that epitomizes creative freedom. Known for over 200 albums showcasing nuanced storytelling about everyday struggles and simple joys, Nelson’s prolific six-decade career helped expand country music’s commercial appeal through pop crossover while upholding its outsider outlaw roots. Alongside fellow Texas mavericks Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, Nelson catalyzed the progressive “outlaw country” subgenre in the 1970s by boldly bucking Nashville’s conservative establishment to pioneer a gutsy, unconventional sound melding folk, rock and blues attitude with country tradition. Beyond chart success decorated by 13 Grammys and countless country music awards, Nelson’s enduring artistic relevance connects to songcraft honoring the overlooked underdog coupled with an authentic renegade persona matching the grit of his resonant vocal delivery.
    Small town dreams
    Born in rural Abbott, Texas on April 29, 1933, Nelson grew up in a musical family amid the Dust Bowl poverty of the Great Depression. His grandfather taught him guitar basics as a young boy while his sister Bobbie, later his pianist in his famed backing band Family, also displayed natural musical talent. After the tragic early deaths of both parents, Nelson left behind short-lived stints as an Air Force serviceman and farmer to pursue songwriting and performing. Influenced by honky-tonk innovators like Hank Williams blending bluesy emotion with country roots as well as iconoclast beatnik poets, Nelson moved to Nashville in 1960 hoping to sell his distinct songs despite lacking traditional vocals that dominated the slick pop-country polished Nashville sound emerging.
    Nelson’s early years in Nashville proved frustrating as an outsider to the lucrative country music industrial machine churning out radio-friendly hits. Despite composing early classic songs like “Crazy” which became Patsy Cline’s career-defining track plus hundreds more hits recorded by stars like Faron Young and Roy Orbison, Nelson himself struggled with a string of label deals producing underwhelming solo records. However, his refusal to compromise his artistic vision and experiment beyond narrow commercial molds earned respect from fellow musicians like Johnny Cash. Playing bass in Cash’s touring band, Nelson also appeared on historic live albums cementing Cash's outlaw status.
    The outlaw takes renegade flight
    Frustrated after lackluster RCA releases, Nelson relocated to Austin, Texas in 1972 seeking more creative freedom among the burgeoning cosmic cowboy and hippie music scene. Paired with rock pioneer Doug Sahm, jazz greats like Django Reinhardt, new friend Waylon Jennings and soon-to-be-wife Connie Koepke, Nelson recorded watershed albums “Shotgun Willie” and “Phases and Stages” fusing country instrumentation with amplified fuzzy guitars and unfiltered lyrics. When singles like “Bloody Mary Morning” and the unflinching “Woman I Hate To See You Cry” shot up the charts, Nelson had cracked commercial success on his own terms without pop overproduction. Signed to Columbia Records and given unprecedented creative control, Nelson soon unleashed signature staples “Red Headed Stranger” and “Wanted! The Outlaws” featuring fellow trailblazers Tompall Glaser, Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. These mid-70s albums minted Nelson’s iconic cosmic cowboy gypsy image while codifying that amplifying country music’s artistic potential meant relinquishing rules. Nelson and the outlaw movement sang tales of brokenness, vulnerability and existential wandering matched by their independent-minded integrity resisting external creative direction.
    Mainstream success and activism
    As the 1970s progressed, Nelson racked up No. 1 hits like “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”, “If You Got the Money I Got the Time” and “Georgia on My Mind” establishing him firmly at the forefront of country music stardom. His 1978 album “Stardust” produced popular crossover renditions of American Songbook standards further expanding Nelson's genre-defying appeal to larger pop audiences. Yet his mushrooming fame and fortune fueled by blockbuster 80s collaborations with peers like Dolly Parton and Kris Kristofferson and emerging stars like Julio Iglesias and rap icon Snoop Dogg only emboldened Nelson’s progressive politics championing family farmers and opposing nuclear power alongside marijuana legalization. He co-founded the watchdog group Farm Aid alongside Neil Young and John Mellencamp to combat corporate agriculture’s threats against small farms while lending his iconic voice to multiple AIDS research benefits during the unfolding epidemic’s direst years. Battling and defeating still more record executives aiming to replicate cookie-cutter pop aesthetics rather than Nelson’s hippie experimentalism kept his outlaw integrity sharply intact even while scoring multiple soundtrack inclusions in Hollywood films like The Electric Horseman and Songwriter.
    Elder Statesman Bridge-Builder
    As the 21st century unfolded, Nelson continued releasing contemplative albums showcasing world-weary wisdom of age like 2017’s God’s Problem Child while touring tirelessly 200 days per year. Respected as country royalty and American treasure as much for fierce independence as songwriting, Nelson attracted collaborations across generations and genres. Joint albums with bohemian collective Family Band, pop-country sensation Shania Twain, jazz pianist Wynton Marsalis, rap stalwart Snoop Dogg and younger folk rockers like Lukas Nelson and Shooter Jennings reinforced Nelson’s singular songcraft succeeded by boundary-crossing openness. Following health scares and the death of a long-time friend and collaborator Merle Haggard in 2016, Nelson’s songs addressed aging, loss and the meaning of a life well-lived with arresting yet subtle profundity.
    In 2021 Nelson released what he claims was his final studio album, The Willie Nelson Family, bringing his career full circle by playing alongside sister Bobbie and the now second-generation group of Family Band backing musicians. Featuring wistful new compositions plus classics like “Family Bible”, Nelson’s plaintive signature vocals radiate undiminished emotional conviction that first disrupted Nashville over 50 years prior with radically vulnerable poetry mirroring outlaw lives lived at odds with convention. Pensive songs like “Heaven is Closed” and “Live Every Day” meditate on making the most of remaining time with equal parts urgency and zen acceptance. Now approaching 90 but without hints of slowing prolific output, Willie Nelson’s six-decade career distills and epitomizes themes characterizing great country music - intense honesty illuminating shared human experiences of heartache and ephemeral preciousness of life counterbalanced by mild irreverent humor about our stumbling folly. Through songcraft honoring outcasts and outsiders with tenderness and wry camaraderie devoid of judgment in his trademark gritty yet soothing voice of wisdom, Willie Nelson expanded country’s landscape while cementing its soul. Thanks for listening to Quit Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts .

  • The Carl Nelson ShowNews, News Commentary, Politics 5 Jun

    Ground-breaking, Peabody Award-winning broadcast news journalist Carl Nelson, has interviewed Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, politicians, authors, celebrities, civic leaders, and people from all walks of life over a four-decade career that has taken him from Nelson Mandela’s prison cell in South Africa to the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, to his present career as the host of Washington DC’s latest daily newsmaker radio program weekdays from 6-10 am on WOL 1450am, WOLB Talk 1010am, WOLBBaltimore.com and WOLDCNews.com

  • Updated with Nelson CanlasNews, Entertainment News 29 May

    The first and only showbiz podcast of GMA Integrated News, hosted by veteran entertainment anchor Nelson Canlas.

  • Juan y Nelson PodcastMusic, Music Commentary, Music History 14 Jun

    ¡Prepárense para un viaje épico a través de la historia musical latina con el podcast de JN Music Group! Descubran anécdotas sazonadas con risas, éxitos que hicieron vibrar corazones y desafíos que pusieron a prueba la creatividad. Desde los desaciertos más divertidos hasta las joyas musicales que hicieron bailar a toda Latinoamérica, sumérjanse en las historias detrás de los telones, narradas por los verdaderos protagonistas. ¿Listos para desvelar los secretos de más de 40 años de magia discográfica? ¡No se lo pierdan, este podcast es puro sabor latino! #JuanyNelsonPodcast #JuanyNelson

    Conviértete en un seguidor de este podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/juan-y-nelson-podcast--6041582/support.

  • La Nueva Radio de Nelson ZepedaComedy, Comedy Interviews 30 May

    Nelson Zepeda y el Morrillo alegrandonos todas las mananas

  • Lecturas extraídas del devocionario El Aposento Alto para reflexionar y contextualizar la palabra de Dios en nuestro tiempo. No tengo derechos de autor, solo comparto con amigxs, hermanxos y familiares estas lecturas devocionales.

  • The mission of this podcast is to build a supportive community where we explore the transformative journeys of our guests, celebrating the challenges they've overcome and the wisdom gained. Through authentic storytelling, I aim to inspire and uplift listeners, urging them to persevere through challenging times by drawing strength from others. It is my goal to ignite a spark within each listener, prompting them to reflect on the past storms they have weathered, recognize the lessons and personal growth they have experienced, and empower them to endure future challenges. By sharing our own mistakes and failures, I want to create a ripple effect, enabling others to learn and grow so they can reach their goals. I want to help people realize that if you don't quit, you can't lose. Keep showing up.

  • A weekly movie podcast hosted by stand up comedians Ryan Cullen and Mark Nelson.

    Join them as they pick apart their film of the week. They might discuss movies, they might not, it’ll be a laugh anyway.

    Argumentative, unqualified and very very funny. Cullen and Nelson are Absolute Cuts.

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t nelson bauer funeral home holdrege ne korean (2024)


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