The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (2024)

Everyone could use a bit of extra cash at some point. If it's urgent, most people turn to selling something or borrowing from a friend. However, there is a better way.

Several great apps will help you generate extra cash without having to pay it back. Gig jobs usually pay quickly and get you money when you need it most. After all, we live in a gig economy; why not take advantage of this and use your free time to generate extra cash?

1. Gigwalk

The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (1)
The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (2)

Gigwalk is a secret shopper app that's easy to apply for. Simply download the free app and enter some basic verification info and you could be on your way to making some extra cash. The gigs include simple activities like taking pictures of signs or seeing if an item is sold at a store. Occasionally, it offers high-paying ($20+) gigs to talk to a cashier and ask if a product is available, along with questions about that product.

For those who are at least 21, there are occasionally gigs asking you to verify tobacco or alcoholic products in stores.

Gigwalk is great for college students, those who want to start a side hustle, and anyone who just wants extra cash from going to a store they usually shop at anyway. Gigwalk pays over PayPal within 48 hours of a completed project.

Currently, Gigwalk isn’t that competitive. You’ll get opportunities to bring in some income once you sign up and get going.

Download: Gigwalk for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Uber Eats

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The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (4)

As one of the most popular gig apps, Uber has revolutionized the way we view public transportation. However, if you don’t want people in your car (or don’t meet the Uber car requirements), you can still drive for Uber Eats! Depending on where you live, Uber Eats is a great way to make extra cash in just a few hours a day, and it’s incredibly easy to sign up.

Most people make about $10 per hour with Uber Eats, though this depends on your area. Some rural parts of major metropolitan areas can make up to $30/hour, as there is limited competition.

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Uber Eats has three requirements: a car newer than 1998, you being at least 19 years old, and one year of driving experience. You can get instant payouts to your debit card or get paid weekly with bank deposits. If Uber Eats isn't big in your area, you can try one of the food delivery alternatives instead.

Download: Uber Driver for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Field Agent

The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (5)
The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (6)

Similar to Gigwalk, Field Agent is a secret shopper app, which gives you extra opportunities if you use both apps together. There are more gigs available here, but it's harder to get accepted for them compared to Gigwalk. However, it is less competitive overall and gives you additional chances to make some extra cash.

Field Agent also differs from Gigwalk in that it offers product trials, where you can test a product and get paid to review it. It also has opportunities to get paid for sharing your opinions on relevant topics.

Field Agent deposits directly to your bank account. Sometimes a gig will require you to buy something and be reimbursed later, so keep this in mind. Most Field Agents can make a few hundred bucks in extra cash a year, while also getting free products.

Download: Field Agent for iOS | Android (Free)

4. Indeed Flex

The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (7)
The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (8)

You likely know Indeed as a popular website to find a job, but it also has an app for gig-based work. These jobs require less commitment than traditional positions, making it great when you are on break from another job or in the process of looking for something permanent.

Indeed Flex pairs you up with employers looking to fill shifts and gives you the basic information you need to get started. Essentially, you’ll get to choose when and where you want to work; once you accept, just show up. Pay is deposited weekly from each site you work at into one account, so you won’t need to scramble and check if you got paid from each business individually.

Currently, it’s only available in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Nashville, and Columbus, as well as the UK. So if you are one of the millions that live in these areas, it could be beneficial. If you’re not in one of these regions, keep an eye out as the service expands.

Download: Indeed Flex for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Foap

The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (9)
The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (10)

Are you a photographer or an aspiring photographer? If so, you will love Foap. Foap is the most popular app for selling your photographs to businesses and popular brands. You'll frequently see tasks where you can get paid for taking a specific picture. Not only does this help you get extra cash, but you also get photography experience in the process.

In the past, Pepsi, AirAsia, and Bank Of America have bought photos from photographers through the service. Imagine getting a sale from one of them; that could be a huge boost for a freelance photographer business.

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Foap also offers feedback from other photographers, plus portfolio-building tools. It’s a one-stop shop for your new photography side hustle. Foap pays out over PayPal and you get a 50% commission for every photo. While there are other photo-selling apps, Foap is the most popular—meaning you have the best opportunities to get your photos sold.

Download: Foap for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases avialable)

6. Bluecrew

The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (11)
The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (12)

While gigs and freelancing can be fun, if you need a serious income quickly and are having trouble finding a traditional job, you might want to consider Bluecrew.

Bluecrew connects you with either part-time or full-time hourly work that fits your schedule. Simply download the app, enter some basic info, and build out your schedule. Unlike most gig apps, Bluecrew jobs provide a W2, insurance, and even sick days and vacation time. Many of the jobs available include warehouse work, food service, and hospitality.

Bluecrew is also great for those who want to find a more flexible job, a second job, or something quickly after a move. No matter what your needs are, Bluecrew will help connect you with a flexible job that fits your lifestyle.

Currently, it is only available in a few areas, including cities in California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Missouri, Texas, Washington state, and Washington DC, but more are added frequently. If you’re not in one of these states, be sure to check back to see when it’s available in your area.

Download: Bluecrew for iOS | Android (Free)

Kickstart Your Next Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is a great way to make some extra cash. Whether you're saving up for a new car or a fun vacation, you can generate extra income from completing part-time gigs with these apps. The best part of starting a side hustle is not having to cut your current budget or lifestyle.

If you find an app that works well for you, remember to be consistent and you can make your side hustle a success!

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The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash (2024)


The 6 Best Side Hustle Apps for Making Extra Cash? ›

Amazon Flex, Shipt, DoorDash, Instacart, Uber, Lyft, Roadie: These driving side hustles are great for those who want to make money by delivering food, groceries, or even packages and aslo for those looking for rideshare gigs.

Which app gives real money instantly? ›

Solitaire Cash & Bubble Cash

If you're looking for gaming apps that pay real money instantly, Solitaire Cash and Bubble Cash are two exciting options. These apps let you win real cash prizes just for playing classic games like solitaire and bingo.

Which app pays the most money? ›

The top money-making apps include Swagbucks, Ibotta, Upside, Acorns and Capital One Shopping. Money-making apps are a popular way to earn extra spending money because the tasks require minimal effort and the payout is quick.

Which side hustle makes the most money? ›

Research shows that these skills are liquid gold, especially in the U.S., with the highest paying side hustle opportunities being within the digital marketing industry and marketing strategy fields, according to a January study conducted by NetCredit.

What app pays you to use your phone? ›

Some of the best apps for making money from your phone include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Rakuten. With Survey Junkie, you can earn money from taking consumer surveys while Swagbucks pays users to complete short tasks like watching videos or playing games.

What app will give me $200 instantly? ›

Best Cash Advance Apps of June 2024
Cash Advance AppLoan AmountsApp Store Rating
Dave See MoreUp to $500 per pay period4.8
Brigit See More$50 to $2504.8
Chime See More$20 to $2004.8
Current See More$25 to $2004.7
1 more row

How can I get $100 real quick? ›

How can I get a $100 loan?
  1. Visit your local bank or credit union. You can apply for a traditional $100 loan at your local bank or credit union. ...
  2. Get a personal loan online. ...
  3. Ask your boss. ...
  4. Ask your family or friends. ...
  5. Pawn something. ...
  6. Pick up a side gig. ...
  7. Earn extra money with online surveys and games. ...
  8. FAQ.
Jun 9, 2024

Which online side hustle pays the most? ›

The best side hustle ideas to do from home in 2024
  1. Sell digital products. ...
  2. Start a newsletter. ...
  3. Start a paid newsletter. ...
  4. Become a social media influencer. ...
  5. Become an online tutor. ...
  6. Sell homemade goods on Etsy. ...
  7. Create videos for the Amazon Influencer Program. ...
  8. Self-publish books with Amazon KDP.
May 3, 2024

What gig work pays the most? ›

15 Highest Paying Gig Economy Jobs for 2023
  • Grocery Delivery. Median monthly income: $3,672. ...
  • Handyman. Median monthly income: $100. ...
  • Landscaping and Gardening. Median monthly income: $100. ...
  • House Cleaner. Median monthly income: $100. ...
  • Photographer & Videographer. Median monthly income: $100. ...
  • Mover. Median monthly income: $2,800*

Are there any side hustles that actually work? ›

Some high-paying side hustles that you can do from home include web designer or developer, digital marketer, virtual tutor, or bookkeeper.

How can I make $100 a day on my phone? ›

🚀 Digital Marketing Strategist | Online…
  1. How to Earn $100 a Day on Your Phone? ...
  2. Ways to Make $100 a Day on Your Phone. ...
  3. Sell Products Online. ...
  4. Do Freelance Gigs. ...
  5. Deliver Food. ...
  6. Complete Microtasks. ...
  7. Work as a Virtual Assistant. ...
  8. Provide Consulting/Coaching Services.
Jan 18, 2024

What is the most legit earning app? ›

Our recommendations for the best apps to make money
  1. Best for earning gift cards: Swagbucks. ...
  2. Best for online surveys: Survey Junkey. ...
  3. Best for playing games: FreeCash. ...
  4. Best for investing spare change: Acorns. ...
  5. Best for keeping track of your finances: Rocket Money. ...
  6. Best for delivery drivers: DoorDash.
Apr 24, 2024

What is the app that pays you daily? ›


Similar to Swagbucks, InboxDollars rewards users for completing various online activities, such as taking surveys, reading emails, and playing games. Payments are issued daily for tasks completed.

How to make $100 a day on your phone? ›

🚀 Digital Marketing Strategist | Online…
  1. How to Earn $100 a Day on Your Phone? ...
  2. Ways to Make $100 a Day on Your Phone. ...
  3. Sell Products Online. ...
  4. Do Freelance Gigs. ...
  5. Deliver Food. ...
  6. Complete Microtasks. ...
  7. Work as a Virtual Assistant. ...
  8. Provide Consulting/Coaching Services.
Jan 18, 2024

What is the fastest app to receive money? ›

Compare the Best Money Transfer Apps
AppOperating SystemTransfer Speed
Venmo Best for Shared BillsiOS and AndroidInstant
Facebook Pay Best for Small TransfersDepends on the apps you already useInstant, though the bank may take up to five days to process
Zelle Best for Bank to Bank TransfersiOS and AndroidInstant
3 more rows

What app deposits money instantly? ›

With the Ingo® Money App, cash paychecks, business checks, personal checks—almost any type of check—anytime, anywhere. Get your money in minutes in your bank, prepaid card and PayPal accounts.


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