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Frankfort, Kentucky

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I speak advisedly when 1 say thi5 for I have cultivated and He was one of the finest looking men rrMi the below the 'A I ansi on rankfort Jan 20 1S3G 1 1 Tobacco The busine Although I am pretty sure yon must have heard it before I at the S3G JOHN CRITTEN so God bless you all 1 are well forever I JAMES ARRELL I at public hen hat to my ondei iug eves should appear era good ith a little old driver so live ly and quick the following important intel east of rankfort I point ol Dancer I now To the top of the porch to the top of the wall I thought were slightly intoxicated but to the honor of Libe When they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky a few paces of their bodies cation to me on the premises before brave men ig from the proportion of the llis eves how they twinkled! his ilimp known school tor some And the beard of his chin Company fired at the Indians three times twice after he Air The calculations should be severely scruti in Caldwell route for And away they all flew like the down of a thistle uVcr'j Christmas to all and to all a good night' i hools than one term number had attacked and captured our br escort Woodford county aars Infernal JI niericaits el the grief profession Bv this unfor lidelitv ami research nine of hose vessels bliss aud all that is mortal of her cases it contain5 seems calculated entirely to supersede On with dight oppression of the organs of respiration health White Ohio where they knew there was a large Maryland Illinois 11 Doubtful 71 15t lw Jan 20 1 8 this terms of flatterin Jan 20 1836 Dec 30 1835 15 9 15 15 and as I am assured that the whole body of Indians are in the Waeahouta and adjacent hammocks the sign is great and from the force seen in different parties we are assured that they are all here I think it advisable that you send all Pennsylvania Maryland time the im And his clothes wire all tarnished with ashes and soot? A bundle of toys wasfiimgon his back Aw ay to the I flew like a flash Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash moon on the breast of the new fallen snow Vermont assachusetts Connecticut In the hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there The children were nestled all snug in their beds He had a broad face and a little round belly 'uat shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly He was chubby and plump a ri jht jolly old elf With the sleigh full of toyAnd then in a twinkling I Gen Call has just arrived in Camp with 250 men and assumed the entire command Leinoreh company mortally wounded still liugerin: fort I am not a de to make acorrecct return as 1 tin endgrants of Liberia and now that is esteemed one of the healthiest States in the Union urther facts discover fighting is to be done her Account of a I'isit from St Nicholas or Santa Claus Twas the night before Christmas hen all through the house Killed Serg't Hunt privates Tilim and Ro berts and five others not known wounded six one mortally diate reference easy without the aid of the Index In this respect it is decidedly preferable to McNally which will be found is very censurable commercial house amount of specie boy whose native energies had borne him on to honorable distinction some hhds of a very prime quality have brought from $7 to £7 5U Despatches have been forwarded by the Mexican Govern ment to Washington relative to the fitting out of volun from Tampico who represent the circ*mstances of the death of the 28 men who were shot as different JOHN WARREN Col and Com Mil in service irginin Carolina Tennessee Alabama And filled all his stockings then turned with a jerk And laying his fingers aside of his nose And giving a nod up the chimney he rose RANKORRT A 2 0 18 3 6 in fifty villages I could name in the pace of 2 1 hours the morning of the 25th that Capt Lancaster of the militia had been seriously wounded supposed mortally and Mr Woodruff and one Negro were killed In the vicinity of their stoes Oil'' i i'P and suffered to burn off them kmong the number shot were two youths apparently about seventeen years of age A large pit was then dug and after these unfortunate but shoes and bouts they A few moments before shot one of them an American implored the in Monrovia two in Caldwell one in Millsbur one in New Georgia and one at Edina two hundred people assembled at old Mr where is upwards of three hundred and more are com ing in Mr olk who was shot through the throat died on the 1 1 th inst 10 4 8 parture The object of the Mexicans was not only to kill them but to make them suffer as much as possible before hospital until this afternoon from the moving of the battle No money can save us even five thousand dollars was of fered for any individual there was likewise offered one hundred thousand dollars as a ransom for all which was refused The reason of it is they want to deter others Texas New Orleans Dec 22 1835 The Embargo laid on American vessels entering the ports of Mexico is confirmed by intelligence received yes terday by the schooner Simpson eight days from Mata moras whose Captain (Mr Wiley) states that he had been requested to inform out merchants that Matamoras It is reported that Santa Anna was on full march from Mexico with an of ten thousand and also that the Comanchcs and other hordes of Indians were taking part rom Advertiser ing acquainted Hoping that the present meeting of your Society may be abundantly blessed and praying for (he ful lest success in all your future labors of benevolence permit me dear sir to subscribe myself Your most obedient servant thoh studies Another mat visited was composed of girls and boys from die ages of 4 to 14 or 16 120 in number Their healthful appearance and good deportment leaf! me to eral principle of thi branch of the science of legal evi lenco for the use of the student but he in? finished what has long been a desideratum a complete vade uwcum to the crimi nal lawyer The nature of Criminal Practice which allovs the advo cate no time for study or research renders such a work pecu recovered his health that he was about placing himself at the head of four thousand men to rendezvous at San Lou is de to march to the assistance of Gen Cos We also learn that the 28 men belonging to the expedition of General Alehia who were taken prisoners by the Mexi cans have been ordered to be shot The following is a let ter from one of the prisoners to his friend in this city Tampico Dec 13 1835 9 o'clock Dear friend I will in a few words as possible gi' you the intelligence of my fate which is an untimely one To morrow morning before sunrise togeth er with 27 of my companions we arc to be shot according slandered colony need As to the schools connected with the diflereut settlements they are not yet as numerous as the wants of the settlers anti surrounding natives require: nor the fact of the port of Tampico being closed during the time Mehia was there but was immediately opened after his defeat and expulsion A Conducta for 'Tampico with 999909 of specie said principally to belong to Merchants of New Orleans had been stopped at St Louis by order of St Anna Anoth er with about 90000 arrived safe at Tampico a part are specially requested to aiit nd a meeting of thelockholdrrs rf said road at the 'ourt house in rankfort on "aturday the 20th hut as bu iai of importance is to be all before him Mr an Buren looks in vain for that mighty multitude which gathered around his master on the day of his triumph he sees whole States leaving him in crowds disgusted at his sycophancy and panic struck heis ready to cry out with the Prince of magicians me mis the truth tint when we are compelled to take verbal infor mation it is very difficult We therefore give our account for what it is worth without vouching fur its general authen ticity A commercial friend lias been so kind as to hand us a asm tment of Dmncslic Cotton and 11 oollcn Inch they will sell on pleasing In merchants who purchase good i in the eastern 101 Buren 42 Our informant further Vqu arc the onlv one are The latest accounts which we have from Texas consist of a variety of rumors reaching the United States by dif ferent channel? but concurring in the statement that San Antonio had been carried by storm on the 5th of December by the Texkins led on by Co Milam who fell at the head of his troops Mit am was a soldier' whose valour jtidg thf? different benevolent associations in this country united in their efforts with a suitable general agent there much and Texms or the common branches togetlx ith Latin Greek 10 for the elementary branches with Al i Geometry fcc £8 for the elementary branches alone sissippi told me that during (he five months he had been in Africa both he and his family and all ho came out in the to the door when a faintness came over him and he turned to the sofa and sat down He told the family' not to be alarm ed it would snon be over and in the next instant a shock Down rhe chimney 8t Nicholas came with a bound Heap Quarters (near ort Crum) 12 o'clock at night 1 7th Dec 1835 Sir Intelligence had arrived in Camp that about 30 In dians made an attack on Mr house on the Pal atua road about 8 miles from Micanopy and 20 from this Camp They rushed on the house with furious yells and heavy firing but Simmons and Carr and two others who happened to he there barred up the house ami defend ed themselves until day light when the Indians took a drove of fat hogs out of the pens am! drove them off Immedi ately Captains SumeralPs and companies were despatched off at 20 minutes notice (with Carr to show the trail) and with orders to pursue and destroy the Indians wherever found We marched on for Wacahotita in the morning where it is reported that a great show of Indians is seen urther 1 have not time to say Yours truly MILLS We have not yet heard any thing in reference to the suc cess of the detachment under SuinmcraH' and Capt Gibbons despatched in pursuit of them Au intelligent gentleman of Alachua in a letter to a gen store belonging to a frenchman was broken open and robbed of its content by the mob The report of the Mexican ports being closed against pedilion was fitted out at this place Among those who were shot we learn the names of Wm II Morris Ives engineer and a Air Demauscn who in a particular man ner distinguished himself with a courage and firmness seldom equalled On his executioners wishing to lie a band INDIAN Imlest Intelligence from the theatre of ar! and Dear Sir: As the interview which I had the pleasure of enjoying with you here a few days since was brief I take this opportunity to communicate a few facts which 1 hope may not be uninteresting to you irst As to the soil of Liberia 1 can truly say that it is not surpas or any other State Possession of the whole propertv will be given on the 15th day of October 183G The terms xs ill be one third rash in hand the balance in one and two At Alillsbnrg and Edina schools were being put in about the time we sailed To the youth of these can 5 il with the same peed as slavers the most of them be ing our bust built Haiti more schooners On this subject rind of existence though fruitful in great ami important events the year eighteen hundred and thirty jive This last offspring of ather is now no more! He is consigned to the tomb of all the Capulets and his The sale will commence at 10 a and due at tention given by jolly Hamilton Jan 20 1836 151 fi't New York Hampshire Maiim Island New Jersey neglect of our government their lives and property being tlius at the mercy of the Mexican rabble who it is said and CAN BE tity of charcoal with which the servant had kindled the fire but relivf as obtained immediately on opening the indow and he subsequently took his breakfast as usual He then walked out fora few moments ami transacted some small matters of business in a neighboring struct and return tu doom bcloir Columbia THE LEGISLATURE We refer our friends at a distance to the published pro ceedings of the Legislature for an abstract of the general course hich business has taken At present the Charles ton Louisville and Cincinnati rail road forms the principal topic of conversation and is now undergoing an animated discussion in the House of Representatives The main con troversy will take place on the motion to strike out Cincin nati and insert Maysville A division of the question will be called for and at that point the battle will fairly begin It is not possible for us to form a satisfactory conjecture as to the fate of the motion to strike out Upon the question all the talent of the house will be in action Our town is literally filled with visiters from different sections of the sonal security will be required Thi propertv can be pur bceame men Mr wrote a song to WassteiL GENTLEMAN wi bes to purchase 7ght or ten likely Negroes uch a men wumm bws ami girls uiiin for wl ich hewill pay the Enquire at thi Extract from a letter of an American gentleman at Tam pico to a respectable House in this city dated 14th Dec 1835 I in company respectable foreign Merchant in the place and I may add with every one throughout the country most heartily deprecate the late attack made upon this port by Mexia and Peraua supported as they were by troops raiser! abroad You must be aware that tiie war in Texas peopled as it is principally by Nord) Americans nat urally predisposes the minds of the uneducated portion of the Mexicans against our citizens resident here atd even against foreigners iti general his feeling is increased by the strongly inflammatory nature of nearly all the procla mations issued at the present moment by the commanding officers to their troops and there is now a double source of apprehension on account of the late attack upon Ta maulipas for it is known that the expedition was fitted and two rom the Louisville Price Current Jan 17 REVIEW THE MARKET Pagging and Hope We have little to say on these ar ticles nothing is doing in them and the prices are merely nominal 18 a 20 and 8 a 10 Cojfee The crop is arriving 73? bags have been receiver! this eek and are informed 15 cents per lb is subscribers have just published A DIGEST of alp Domestic (Kvods Ware Hois Ab 191 Market st ect Baltimore you said he U1 am afraid to look death in the face? No! I die the death of a martyr of He first fire more are told that One other thought and I must close this hasty connmini ration The question has been asked what inis done in checking the slave trade? 1 answer it has done but is Aaseiti that it has done nothing I ask is it nothing to have planted prosperous settlements here slave factot ies once stood? Is it nothing to see five churches erect ed for the worship of the Most 1 in a town of 500 hotis Roscoo Esq of the InnerTempIe Iirri ter at Law ith county containing one hundred and sixtv acres land lies on run five miles north of Versailles nine milts Harrison 30 10 3 below The conduct of troops 4 11 4 4 mischief making men In all the there are tem ples erected for the worship of the Most High in wliich at tentive and solemn assemblies usually convene thrice on the day and once during the week The people of Liberia area temperate people I was there dur With these remarks we will call the attention of every man who has seriously reflected upon the probable issse of the election to the following estimate of the strength of the candidates It is made out by a gentleman of groat intel ligence and who has every opportunitv of coming to correct conclusions uized for the people have a deep interest in knowing the With the exception of Illinois which we are in clined to think from the peculiar state of parties there willgo for Judge White Harrison is not ranked as high asthe electoral vote will place him but the cnLulatlon willserve to animate his friends to increased exetion In Ohiothe conviction of the fast increasing influence of his claims 'is producing the happiest effects Throughout the whole of that great state meetings are taking place and the opposi tion of all grades arc uniting upon bitn So well aware are 'the correctly informed Jackson men that he will get Ohiothat one of their most influential paper5 printed at Cleave land has the candor to proclaim that it is nerfoctly idle to talk about taking Ohio from Harrison and giving it to Van Buren With regard to Kentucky all that is necessary to be done is for the opposition party to make the move frome mode should be adopted to express the public will nnd to form an electoral ticket Our Eastern friends expect this with much anxiety The present session of our legis lature affords an opportunity for forming the ticket in a man ner which will be perfectly acceptable to the country Ev ery mail brings with it additional evidence of the deep hold which Harrison has upon the affections of the people Thesoldiers of the last wat are fighting their battles uocr and are impatient for the hour to arrive when they can do honor to their old commander the friends of the ronsiitu tion of a well regulated government of a cabinet adminis tration arc rejoicing in the prospect of elevating to the chief i magistracy a man who habitually observes the laws and who takes counsel of the wise and virtuous A change has taken place for the better despondency is giving way to hope and hope will soon be merged in glorious fruition Again we say to our friends take courage remembi hard battles which you have fought for your principle gud up your loins for a contest where victory WON then ordered the soldier to shoot and on the fortunate than the rest he was killed We he did every lidng to inspire tils comrades with courage and resignation and to meet their late as hoars before the execution the air of the Marseilles hymn jail to the place of (Mtecution and will be found on that part of our paper Thus has fallen twenty eight brave men Comment is unnecessary INDIAN IJOST'II LMTORTANT ROM LORIDA By the schooner George Capt at Charleston was lown rrkilling an Indian that had jumped into one of the wagons and thjt Capt McLemore had two horseshot under him How much truth is in this report we cannot pretend to say liberal terms a5 the same description of goods eau Sugar is in brisk demand at our quoted prices 13 to 11 cents per no extensive sales that we have heard of have taken place this week the stock of the article is stead ily increasing Arrived this week 15l) hhds Pork The business season of this article is nearly ovjr pi ices as perquotations 10 a 17 lour About 400 bbls have arrived this week but tle how ever is doing in the article We let our last weeks quotation5 rennin unaltered 7 a 7 25 Whiskey is selling readily from wagons at from 4 tj 45c and from stores from 15 to 46 Hides About GOO have arrived this week we hear TIIE PRESIDENCY or any party to exert themselves with vigor it is essen tial that there should be some degree of probability that their efforts will be successful So fully aware are the of fice holders of the truth of this position that they have for years been filling the country with exaggerated estimates of their own superiority and endeavoring to depress their rom the New Orleans Union of the 24lh LATEST ROM TEXAS Ry the arrival of the brig Attakapas from Tampico we from Black Creek to ort King a distance of 89 miles rom Lake George to Piccdlata they had burned all the houses and destroyed property A store and bindery establishment of Dr Brush at Po latka ere destroyed bv fire on Wudnesdav last the Eastern markets for the purjwse of attending tn poriation and shipping rd Goods ami alo to sell rom the New Orleans Courier of Dec 21 LATE ROM TAMPICO Horrid butchery of ihe twenty eight prisoners taken from Mehia's expedition We arc informed by a passenger ar MEDOC: This splendid and beautiful horse was exhibited on Mon day last on the State house yard and by his superior form noble bearing and uncomrnuii ability and movement at tracted the admiration of all and especially the patrons and lovers of the blooded horse We understand his ser vices at the approaching season will again be offeied to the breeders of the race horse at his former stand Col in Woodford County and we presume he cannot fail to obtain a share of patronage from all those who feel an interest in propagating a race of horses for which Ken tucky is now becoming so celebrated Napoleon have raised him to the rank of a Marshal of this coun try has ever produced very tall in stature and admirably formed of great muscular power and capability for endur ing fatigue He possessed in an eminent degree that spe cies of manly beauty which arrests the eye of the most care less beholder commands his confidence and wins his es teem No American has led a life characterised by more stirring adventures he had literally experienced all moving accidents by flood and field He had fought fierce and bloody bailies had been alternately victor and vanquished he had figured as a conspicuous officer in the Republican army and hail pined in the most loathsome dungeons off Mexico when Iturbide usurped the reigns of government Of humble but honest parentage he had broken through all the impediments with hich poverty had surrounded him and had struck out for himself a career which no common man would have had the genius to devise or the nerve to pursue The death of Milam is deeply deplored by the people of Kentucky and especially by the citizens of rank lin county It was ii this county that he was reared from infancy to manhood here he was known as the kind and THE CONCERT We ought to say something about the concert which wasgiven by the Circle of Benevolent Industry on Thursdayevening last But how to speak of it as it deserves is the difficulty We have not at command words full enough of praise to condense in a single paragraph the expressions of admiration and delight which were echoed from the hun dreds of enraptured auditors Therefore we must content ourselves with saying that the idea of holding a concert for charitable purposes was Worthy of the delicate percep tions of the female mind and that the manner in which it was gotten up the taste displayed in the selection of music and the skill of the performers all combined to furnish forth a scene which excited emotions of pleasure in every bosom tion at Wacahouta was devastated and buildings burned by the Indians and his son wounded as noticed in our last number lost at least one thousand bushels of corn and all his cotton of which he had a large crop All his horses save five are probably lost He had about thirty head The corn and cotton were consumed Twenty old lat hogs ready for the knife were taken from the pen and driven oft Cftpt Priest is we understand one of the great est looser? of the great number of those whose plantations have been devastated and homes laid in ashes Another writer says the people here are very much a lanned Most of the families have abandoned their homes and assembled at the different places here the inhabitants have erected and are erecting forts for protection There are at Newmansville the Court House which place is turn ed into a fort andthe jail into a block house upwards of given birth must be judged by the effects which they will hereafter produce Many of these cttects will be fell for ever! During his brief existence the foundations have been laid on which ill be raised characters good and bad de cisive of happiness ox misery to countless millions But uHis race is run his game is up anil it appears that obnoxious as the practice is among re publicans he has actually and without consulting with any appointed his successor This no less important personage under the name and title of eighteen hundred and thirty six commenced his career at the very moment his prede cessor resigned It is true he makes his appearance among us under various conflicting circ*mstances notwithstanding blacks with like comforts and medical attention an healthy and healthier in Liberia than iu Mississippi BAlJJXGKkW lLL 2n 84 BSTER 7 14 8 ixh tbc'se exciting matters is the whisper that General Jackson is to be brought foi'Svard as a candidate for the Presidency It is said that the powers at Washington begin to dispair of Mr Van election and that the old Hero is to be taken up as the last resort That Mr Van Buren has no chance does not require much political saga city to discover bift to bring out Gen Jackson again would display a degree of hardihood not to be looked for even from those w'ho are cased in trippie brass Western and Aliddle States 1 have seen the full shock of corn ot Kentucky and the wav jpg vvhcatiields uf Ohio and Pennsylvania I have trodden the rice lauds of Georgia and the cotton lands of the Carolinas and in the same year and season I have seen the goldei fruits of Africa Ou the banks of the Si Paul I saw the waving millet and ripe ban ana the luxuriant plantain and the abundant cassadn the sweet potato and the growing rice and I must say the con trast which I as thus enabled io make led me to the convic tion that with equal skill in cultivation the lands of Liberia or rather the products would hear a favorable comparison with those of our or any other toimtry I am happy to be 5 taught by Mr isi a ex perienced iu the branches which will fall to bis lot Air will attend the mathematical department an 1 to all the elementary branches hfle the Lilin and Greek classics ami English enmpasition Air has reserved to himself The are anxious to have their children taught but the wants of the colony have heretofore been so great and teacher5 so few that necessarily little has been done to instruct native youth I here arc now four schools in Moiirovia two of which I visited One of them was the Orphan school to which there 'TATE KILNT La umtitct: 71 tember Term 1835 JMn I lays' heirs complainants against John heirs defen In Chancery appearing tn the salMhciian of the court that the de fendants are inhabitants of this commonwealth there fore on motion of the complainants bv their counsel it is ruled and ordered that unless the said defendants appear here on or before the 21 dav of our tiuxi Al arch I erin and answer the complainants bill that the same wiH be taken afl confessed and the matter? thereof decreed is turther or dered t'At a copy of crier be inserted in some author ized newspaper published in this tor two mcMtths sue his purse and pen most liberal and valuable eontr ibunon In the history of the Erie Cana given in his invaluable biography of Dh Witt Clinton will receive an HEAD ciei' Ckcm Dec It) Sjh Tbc troops miner mv command tookiip the line of DEATH DOCTOR HOSACK IbT Dec 23 The melancholy duty of recording the death of our late to make a struggle This general clamor has had ils ef fect but the administration party are in their turn forced to make an exhibit of their strength and they have made the alarming discovery that there are before the people two candidates equal in strength to Mr Van Buren and alike animated by an opposition to him Instead therefore of sweeping the whole country from the North to the South the office holbebs will be put to much trouble even toget their candidate info the House of Representatives Air ebster is admitted on all sides to concentrate upon himself too small an interest to justify his friends in pressing his pretensions Yet he occupies no unimportant station in the present attitude of things He has it in his to kerp back the Baltimore nominee from invading the Nev England States So long as Massachusetts is remembered as the cradle of liberty and so long as Daniel Webster hailed arid revered as one of the great champions of the Constitution executive dictation will meet with its propel rebuke The balance of power will probably be in the hands of his friends to make up the decision whether Harrison or White is to bp the President In the South West and in Virginia and North Carolina Judge 'White 'has forestalled AL' Van Buren In the North AVest in the centre (Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware and prnba vesscls Whether this order proceeded from the govern ment of Tdexico or from the executive officers of the States of Vera Cruz and Tamaulipas we have not ascertained but it is certainly worthy the cognizance of our national among government Bee of that great man and of tiie immortal projc which mark ed his administration 1 he personal friend of Hamilton in his early Ijfo po iluiiuual ITS PRESENT STATE The following interesting letter addressed to the Rev Gvrlev Secretary 0 the American Colonization Socie ty a very satisfactory view of the colony of Liberia It is written by an intelligent young gentleman who isjust returned from a visit to Africa hich he made for the pur pose oi ascertaining the true slate of things there oi'V AIoire Bcatlie lie commenced the piactice of physic at Alexandria but soon afterwards rcmowd to this city where becoming associated with his former uls linguisiwd preceptor Dr Samuel Bard he soon enjoyed an extensive practice which was still further increased after the death of Dr Bard whom he succeeded 1 Ie has always been esteemed at the head his profession not only as a practitioner of medicine hut an able bril liant and eloquent teacher during the many years he occu himself distinguished in the profession he had chosen He had retired to Alitamopv and I have not been able to as certain correctly what loss has been sustained: two Ser solicitude that all should meet her in eternity hen con sciousher stay would be short here she was anxious to im prov her last hours in admonishing her youthful companions to tit themselves in the hour of health for a Heaven beyond the tomb Who among the many that bent over the dying bed of ticulato and in reply to questions put to him and one of the physicians in constant attendance thinks that his distinguished friend and preceptor recognised him Dur ing his hxdef illness he has had tiie tmremiued attention of the most 1 Dti ngni shed of the medical faculty but it was not a case in which human learnihg or skill could be ot any avail The deceased had ben anticipating the cxent for more than a year although his general health had been gnod whole be prosperous lie will unquestionably give birih many unlooked for events by which some will be elevated and some will be depressed But though he will bring about many things of which have now no conception he will also reveal others which we can even now easily predict We therefore venture to foretell that during his life time Gen Jackson will cease to be President of the States That in the Senate of the United Stateswill be found some of the greatest purest and most patriotic men in the nation That hundreds and thousands of Americans will discover that Alartin Van Buren is a mere political juggler and therefore unfit fox the President of die United States '1 hat William Harrison is the most popular WHIG candi date fox' the Presidency and will receive more votes than any other candidate That the opposition now made to Gen liar risen both by the and by the well meaning but mistaken friends of Air Webster will soon be withdrawn That union and harmony will per vade the whig ranks and insure their final success But to have done with political predictions In the com mercial world many will grow rich and some will become poor Among the ladies there will be many changes of condition some will very unwillingly fall into the old ranks and some who arc now in that class will be happy to exchange single blessedness for one for which they have sighed away tveary days and sleepless nights his is the of jubilecf or in vulgar terms this is Now ladies wo say to all whether new maids or oli maids God bless you! and grant you and all others a happy new year! friend Clinton which he was too skilful a physician to mis take Com Hdv It is impossible that the death of such a man could occur in this community without producing a sensation even at a moment when the mind oL every citizen is absorbed with the awful dispensation with which we have been so recently visited There have been few men so extensively known in our own countrv and by the professional world abroad as Dr Hosack In medicine as a sound practical physician ot great acuteness most extensive experience and much learn ing we believe it may ba said he had nut his superior He has been iu a great measure the architect of his own fortune Endowed with a strong natural sagacity quick perception and untiring industry he determined at the onset physic in our different medical colleges In all matters re lating to the advance of science and the art especially ag riculture public improvements horticulture and botany for which last he possessed a fine taste Dr Hosack made with truly republican school 1 lie space which Dr Hosack has filled in thfcommunitv would have been Itts itjflicuh to supply if he bail not for several years past withdrawn himself hum the profelon and the world living in retirement upon his beautiful estate at Hyde I ark He was a man of large robust frame and vigorous constitution and up to the hour of iDdeaih hich was from apoplectic congestion and paralyse the resultof too much itdness ami inaction cojoyed the most uninterrupted health His age was 06 and he would ith his fine con stitution have livi to a much greater period if he had been in the active hustling fife to which he was so long accustom ed a lesson he so often enforced upon the rich retired mer chants who have perished in the same premature maimer LT1 TIT JU gent The Stack holders answer whether nothing has been done 110 change effected in the once blood stained Alesurado And here per mit me to remark tb it if this Government would co operate with individual benevolence the whole traffic might be soon bioken up A small fleet of steam ships could soon abolish the trade Steam vessels are necessary for no other vessels II NICK LIN JOHNSON Iaw Booksellers 175 Chesnut Philadelphia Jan 4 13G 1 4 ti 15tfi November last I for my part am perfectly recon ciled to my fate 'LEAR Superior Beer for sale wholesale or retail tilt: 1 KltifiiJII laXCl Lin I51 tf BTJ Sayre be recehvd for a shorter priiod THE NEWS RO Al RANCE The Eastern mail of last night brings the intelligence ofthe arrival at Washington of the American Charge' Air Barton preceded a few flays by Mr Livingston All iDolitical calculations upon ordinary matters are merged in an intense anxiety to know what is to be the complexion ofthe special message from the President It is said that Mr Barton urges a communication which is to call the countryto arms and to kinfile instantly the flame of war Air Van Buren on the contrary is supposed to be using his influ ence to moderate the temper of the Executive The Na tional Intelligencer and the Baltimore Chronicle and Patri ot contain copious extracts from rench and English jour nals from which it appears that the though not seeking war are yet selling on foot the most energetic preparations for such a contingency Vice admiral ackauwith a large fleet consisting of fifteen sail of the line and a proportionate number of frigates nod smaller vessels has been sent to the West Indies another fleet is also equip ping for the Alediterranean It is still thought that the ar rival the message in Paris would restore the amicable relations of the two countries as fie has expressly disavowed any intention to menace rance Not the least important of all the suggestions connected out from your port that the men were enlisted there 1 that the requisite funds were greater than any one or of the chief movers of the plan could advance Even those in this country who may have instigated plan of operation have deceived themselves for most of those upon whom they counted refused to act in concert with foreigners against their own countrymen Why is it that the government of the United States does not take decisive measures to prevent the notorious embar cation of men arms and money her ports am! in a vessel which sa ils confessedly for the purpose of attacking a country at present at peace with her? And more why after permitting this and thus compromising her citizens resident here does it not send out for their protection a 1 sufficient number of citizens 1 am aware that New Or leans is the only place in the United States here the op erations above mentioned can be carried on effectively and I am still more surprised at it as the capitalists of that place will be the heaviest losers should American proper ty in this country be placed in jeopardy AB sensible merchants in Mexico wish for peace under whatever form of government the nation may think fit to adopt and it is really vexing to think that our security and that of our property shouV1 compromised at cutioners We are further informed that martial law had been put iu force the utmost consternation jirevailcd amongst all the foreigners they considering their Jives and property unsafe indeed the lower classes of the people had threat ened to rise en masse and murder the whole of them rub foreigners It is to be hoped our government seeing the imperious necessity of the case will send a naval armed force to that place about delay hold and kitchen furniture The terms for rhvse last mentioned articles will be for sums of 5 and under Communicated OBITUARY wish to ship to the East Jan WILLIAAI OWSLEY DEN having entered practice of Law will give their attention to such ma be confided to their rare 3 'hey practice in ihe ed eral Court the Court ul Appeals and other courts held in rankfort ai a'so in the Woodford Circuit Court rankfoi Dec 5 1833 147 tf ricultural pursuits Tliis view as oneof the most favora ble omens of future prosperity to the whole colony A great er amount of products was raised during the season which has just terminated than in any preceding one and from the feeling which seemed to pervade the minds of many when I left Africa lam led to anticipate richer results at the termination of the present season Secondly As to the climate of Liberia I must: admit that in comparison with some countries it may be termed unhealthy but while I make this concession I think it can be clearly proved that as great mortality attended the first Li and signs of Indians and that he might probably have been picked off by some of them hail he not joined a company of persons with whom he travelled as far as Black Cheek He said every dwelling is abandoned bv the inhabitants on the roads leading from Black Creek to Newmansville and to Aficanopv also from Newmanywille to Aligator and from Picolata and Palatka to Micanopy Picolata is the highest point on St Johns imabaudoned by the inhabitants The rider brought al? the first intelligence of the attack on the house of Mr Simmons The following letter from Col ATills to a gentleman in this place gives probably a more correct version of the at tack of Kentucky tht they have made arrangement5 ta receive earlv in the spring a large and complete aMrtinent of Gro ceries imnorted by them expressly for the vstern market an I which they pledge themselves to sell as low an 1 on a te pur al Assciiozs JC sold this evening Jan 29 an excellent lot of Books at the Auction Room on 't Clair January 29 1 1 5 1 1 (B) IX'riv Ec a rr ir a I Is I 7) Is i I I ft I 0 Carolina '5 fl 4 'W A hi I i i is II.

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What was the original name of Kentucky? ›

Pioneer George Rogers Clark claimed the name was derived from the Indian word "Kentake," meaning "meadow land." The claim is also made that it stems from the Shawnee word meaning "at the head of a river" inasmuch as they used the Kentucky River in traveling throughout the area.

When did Kentucky became a commonwealth? ›

Curiously, even though Kentucky first adopted its constitution in 1792, it was the state's fourth constitution, adopted in 1891, that formally declared in the preamble that the official name would be “The Commonwealth of Kentucky.” Earlier constitutions used state and commonwealth interchangeably throughout the ...

What is the difference between a state and a commonwealth? ›

There are four states in the United States that call themselves commonwealths: Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The distinction is in name alone. The commonwealths are just like any other state in their politics and laws, and there is no difference in their relationship to the nation as a whole.

What was Kentucky before it became a state? ›

The area of Kentucky was originally part of Virginia within the original United States. Virginia ceded the district of Kentucky to the United States in 1792, and this area was included briefly in the Southwest Territory ("territory . . . south of the Ohio River").

What is the oldest town in Kentucky? ›

The City of Harrodsburg Kentucky was founded in 1774 as the first permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains. As Kentucky's oldest town, the city is located in the heart of the Bluegrass Region and is surrounded by rolling countryside, horse farms, historic stone fences, historic architecture and culture.

What are Kentucky natives called? ›

The most prominent early indigenous tribes in Kentucky were the Cherokee, Chickasaws, and Shawnee. Most of these tribes were eliminated from Kentucky by about the early 1800s either through warfare or resettlement to other territories by the federal government.

Why does Kentucky call itself a commonwealth? ›

Kentucky is also called a commonwealth in its full official state name (and in the Third Kentucky Constitution of 1850). Commonwealths are states, but the reverse is not true. The term "Commonwealth" does not describe or provide for any specific political status or legal relationship when used by a state.

What is Kentucky's motto? ›

The state motto of Kentucky, "United we stand, divided we fall," was from a popular 1768 tune entitled the "Liberty Song," by John Dickinson.

Which state did Kentucky split from? ›

As of 2020, the population was approximately 4.5 million. Kentucky was admitted into the Union as the 15th state on June 1, 1792, splitting from Virginia in the process.

What does the Commonwealth do? ›

The Commonwealth Secretariat, established in 1965, supports Commonwealth member countries to achieve development, democracy and peace. We are a voice for small and vulnerable states and a champion for young people. We help to strengthen governance, build inclusive institutions and promote justice and human rights.

What does it mean to live in a commonwealth state? ›

When used in connection with areas under U.S. sovereignty that are not states, the term broadly describes an area that is self-governing under a constitution of its own adoption and whose right of self-government will not be unilaterally withdrawn by the United States Congress.

What country is this in Kentucky? ›

Located in the south central United States along the west side of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky ranks 37th in land size, with 39,732 square miles (102,907 square kilometers).

What is the original name of Kentucky? ›

The origin of the name "Kentucky" is not known with any certainty. One suggestion is that it is derived from an Iroquois namemeaning "land of tomorrow". ... The state's official nickname is the "Bluegrass State," which is derived from the famed species of grass grown in central Kentucky, Bluegrass, or Poa.

Is KY considered the south? ›

As defined by the U.S. federal government, it includes Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

What is the largest county in Kentucky? ›

Pike County, Kentucky has 786.2 square miles of land area and is the 1st largest county in Kentucky by total area.

What was Kentucky Kingdom old name? ›

Kentucky Kingdom, formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, is an amusem*nt park in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Was Kentucky ever called Transylvania? ›

The Transylvania Colony was located in what is now the central and western parts of Kentucky, and a chunk of north central Tennessee.

What is another name for Kentucky? ›

It is known as the "Bluegrass State", a nickname based on Kentucky bluegrass, a species of green grass introduced by European settlers for the purpose of grazing in pastures, which has supported the thoroughbred horse industry in the center of the state.

What does the word "Kentucky" literally mean? ›

The name "Kentucky" is of native American origin and has been attributed to several different languages with several different possible meanings, including the Iroquois word "ken-tah-ten," which means land of tomorrow.


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