The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida (2024)

a a a a a a a a a a THE TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1921 SEVEN Not a GIGANTIC SALE but UNEQUALLED VALUES IN HIGH GRADE Goodrich and Mason First Quality Tires 30x3 Non-Skid 8.75 Mason Non-Skid 8.75 Goodrich 31x4 Non-Skid 32x4 Non-Skid 33x4. Non-Skid 33x4 Firestone 34x4 Non-Skid Goodrich $30.00 Non-Skid 35x5 Non-Skid $20.00 CORDS Non-Skid Non- Non-Skid 32x4 Non-Skid 33x4 Non-Skid 33x5 Non-Skid 35x5 Non-Skid 37x5 Non-Skid STARR TIRE Service or. Fla. Ave.

and Cass St. Phone 4383, Tampa, Fla. VALRICO VALRICO, Nov. Valrico woman's Club held its regular meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. Paul Eckhart, nineteen members being present.

An inventory taken of all the work for the coming bazar showed numerous dainty and useful articles completed, those for the baby booth being especially attractive. A box of lovely work was received from Mrs. W. H. Phipps from Hudson, including some splendid articles made by Mrs.

S. C. Phipps. As soon as the president, Mrs. S.

R. Van Sant, returns from Minneapolis committees for the different booths will be appointed and the work will proceed more rapidly. a All proceeds of the will be devoted to civic and charitable work. and the -operation of all will be appreciated. At the close of the meeting, dainty refreshmented were served the by her daughter, Miss Carmen Eckhart.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. W. J. Hodnett. COLDS THAT DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA: Chronic Coughs and Persistent Colds Lead to Serious Lung Trouble.

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F-24 Write for treatment Atlanta. Ga. SOUTH FLORIDA SOCIAL NOTES LAKELAND. Nov. Deen was a business visitor In the city Wednesday.

Mre. W. A. Berry of Crooked Lake, who si ill at the Lakeland Sanitarium, is improving, to the delight of her many Lakeland friends. J.

spent Wednesday in Tampa transacting business. Mrs. A. D. Parrish returned home Tuesday from a visit of two months in points in North Carolina and South Carolina.

where she was the guest of relatives and friends. S. Bell of Chicago is spending several days ni the city attending to business. Mrs. B.

K. Young. who is enjoying an extensive trip through the Western states and the Pacific isles. writes friends here from Honolulu. Hawai, of her wonderful experiences there, including a visit to the famous volcano.

Mrs. Young pronounces Honolulu a beautiful city and is enthusiastic over all she is seeing. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Jumper of Pittsburg. are in the city for some time and are stopping at the Tremont hotel. Mrs. William Hall and grand daughter, Miss Arlene Libey of Napoleon, who have been stopping for some time at the Tremont hotel. have moved to their home on Lake Morton Drive for the winter.

Mrs. Harry S. Brazzell is expected home today from a six weeks visit spent in Cincinnati. 0.. Nashville, and Atlanta.

Ga. The many friends of Mayor Frank H. Thompson and Mrs. Thompson are greeting them after their arrival Wednesday night from a five weeks trip overland. They traveled over 3,500 miles and had a most pleasant journey.

visiting New York, Baltimore. Washington and mountani points in North Carolina and other sections of the North of interest. The mayor stated that he was sure glad to get back to Lakeland, where everything looked good to him. George Sprinkle of Conneaut. 0., rived Wednesday to spend the winter.

He is temporarily located at the Hotel Franklin. Mrs. C. A. Roach and daughter, Miss Josephine, left Friday for Daytona, where they will spend the weekend with friends, returning to Lakeland Monday.

Miss Doris Mayes was the hostess Tuesday afternoon from 4 to 6. when she entertained a few of her friends with a matinee party. The young people met at the home of their hostess on South Florida avenue, from which place they sojourned to the casino. After the picture the guests returned to the home of their hostess, where the remainder of the evening was spent in conversation and a social hour in general. Decorations of Halloween adorned the arioussestive Delicious refreshments were served.

consisting of a dainty salad course and hot chocolate. H. D. Martin has sold his property and seven-room home. located at 905 South Orange Park avenue, to Mr.

and Mrs. M. S. Guilford of Climax. who have recently come to Lakeland to locate.

Mr. and Mrs. Guilford and four interesting children are now pleasantly, in their new home. Millard Futch was a visitor in Tampa Thursday transacting business. Mr.

and Mrs. J. T. Hurley are visitors in the city for some time, the guests of their brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.

F. M. Hurley. Mr. and Mrs.

J. T. Hurley were connected with the American Red Cross in Paris, during the world war. and this is their first trip to the states since the war. The members of the Lake Hunter Improvement Association met at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. H. O. Kight on Lake Hunter Wednesday evening. The meeting was given in honor of Commissioner Truby OSt'een, who has done sO much for the opening of the lake road and the work of the neighborhood in general.

During the business meeting plans were discussed for the removing of the hyacinths from the drive around the lake: also. plans were made for the road from Florida avenue and Cressup street to be clayed as far around the lake as the money would permit. Interesting talks were given by Commissioners O. J. Pope, Truby O'Steen, L.

P. Broadfield and H. L. Swatts. After the business session the ladies served delicious refreshments of ice cream and cake, and the remainder of the evening was spent in conversation and a social hour in general.

The handsome home of Baron von Uf. ford on East Orange avenue was sold this week to Sheriff John A. Logan, who will move to Lakeland in the next few months. This home sold two years ago by Mr. shon for $30,000 and it is understood that the consideration this time was about the same figure.

Baron von Ufford came here at the outset of the war from Holland. where he has extensive interests, and he expects to return to his native country. His daughter and wife accompanied him here. The baron also hag grove interests near Arcadia which he will retain. Sheriff Logan always considered Lakeland his home until he was elected sheriff and ha has had his head set on the return to this city.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tillis were visitors in Tampa Monday, where they attended the funeral of Mr.

Tillis' nephew. Stanley Tlilis. L. Sherhouse of Socrum was a visitor in the city Wednesday. Miss Margaret Hanna returned home Tuesday from Chattanooga, where she attended the United Confederate Veteran Reunion, which was held in that city.

Miss Hanna acted as chaperone. Mrs. W. S. Moore of Hillerest Drive.

underwent a serious operation Wedneeday afternoon at the Morrell Memorial Hospital. One of the most enjoyable Halloween parties of the week was held at the home Mr. and Mrs. T. E.

Robertson, south of Lake Holingsworth on Monday evening from 7:30 to 11. Those present were the members of the Hustlers class of the Dixieland Sunday school and their teacher, Mrs. Monds. The color scheme of orange and blaek was carried out in a pleasing effect in the decorations and with the various colored costumes of the guests. created an elaborate profusion of color.

After numerous games and contests a delicioue repast of chicken sandwiches. pumpkin pie and coffee were served by the hostess. Mrs. Robertson. Musical numbers were rendered by several of the guests, after which the guests departed for their homes.

declaring that more enjoyable evening could not have been spent. Miss Evelyn O'Daniel was the charming hostess Monday evening at her home, No. 405 South Florida avenue. at 3 lovely Halloween party which was enjoyed by a number of her friends. Decorations typical of the Halloween season adorned the various rooms and the color scheme of orange and black was carried out in the decorations of jack o' lanterns.

witches. black cats and goblins. As the guests assembled in their attractive costumes, the scene was one of charm and revelry. Dancing, progressive conversation and fortune telling were the main features of the evening. Mrs.

R. E. Lufsey. impersonated as the fortune teller. foretold the future of each guest.

Punch was served during the evening and at a late hour dielicious refreshments were served consisting of ribbon sandwiches, devil's food cake and hot chocolate. G. W. Persons and L. B.

Tryee of Kissimmee were visitors here Tuesday transacting and business Mrs. and Gifford greeting White friends. and two sons, Murrell and Walter. of Round Lake, reached Lakeland Monday evening to spend the winter. They are located in their apartments at Mrs.

C. A. Owens'. S. R.

Chapman of Kissimmee transacted business in the city Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. D.

Gillem and son. William. of Sanford are visitors in the city for the winter and are located at the home of Mrs. C. V.

McIntyre, 512 East Lime street. They were accompanied by Miss also Marion spend Dowling the of winter in Jacksonville. Lakeland. who Miss Gertrude Overstreet left Monday night for Baxley. where she will spend some time the guest of her mother, Mrs.

Henry Overstreet. The many frieuds of Miss Evelyn Adams will be glad to learn that she has recovered from her recent illness. D. R. Crum of Plant City was a business.

visitor in the city Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B.

Haynie. daughter. Miss Bessie, and son, Lawrence, of Bellingham. reached Lakeland Monday evening, having made the trip in their car. They are guests at the home of Mrs.

Hattie Brown. 512 Florida avenue. F. R. Seawall of Albany, is spending some time in the city transacting businestiss Jessie De Vane of Plant City spent the week-end in the city the guest of Miss Thelma Aiken.

Mrs. Harry Parker of St. Petersburg was a visitor in the city Sunday the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.

S. L. A. Clonts. Mr.

and Mrs. R. L. Winter of Atlanta are spending several days in the city attending to business. Mrs.

Adelaide Rogers and daughter. Miss Freida. were visitors in Tampa Sunday. Mr. and Mra.

R. S. Dillard, who were recently married in are making a tour through the state and are stopping in Lakeland for a few days. Earl Underwood of New York is spending several days in the city, transacting business. J.

W. Kimbrough of Brooksville spent Sunday in the city the guest of his wife, Mrs. Kimbrough, and of his daughter, Mrs. R. H.

Rutherford. Mr. and Mrs. J. P.

Kimbrough and children and Mr. Kolb motored to Green Springs and Clearwater Sunday on business and pleasure. Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips enoyed A motor trip to St.

Cloud Sunday to tend a birthday dinner given in honor of LAKELAND the former's mother. Mrs. Annie Blich. C. U.

Parker and family, who were also to have been guests at the dinner, were prevented from attending by the illness of Mrs. Parker. Holt and Samuel Burnard of Wauchula were visitors in the city, Sunday. Mrs. Joseph E.

Johnson and daughter, Miss Alice. returned home Saturday evening from Atlanta, where Miss Alice underwent an operation for the removal of her tonsils. Miss Dorothy Naylor. Miss Ellen Hodges and Bryan MeHarg were among the Lakeland visitors in Tampa Sunday. Mrs.

Keyser and daughter, Miss Alice. of Auburndale were visitors in the city Saturday. Mrs. P. B.

Wright and daughter, Miss Elizabeth of St. Petersburg, are visitors in the city for a short stay and are stopping at the Hotel Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. H.

T. Goodwin are expected to reach Lakeland this evening from Trenton, N. to spend the winter. Mr. and Mrs.

D. U. McGinnes were visitors in Tampa Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.

William J. Rivers and 1amily of Philadelphia, have rooms at the home of Mrs. J. C. Withers.

702 East Lime street, up to the time that their home on the Kathleen road, which is unda construction. is completed. Mr. and Mrs. A.

Raymondo and little daughter. Mary Elise, accompanied by Mrs. S. Raymondo, were visitors in Tampa Sunday. Mrs.

N. A. McComb. Mr. and Mrs.

George M. Draw of Marsaw, reached Lakeland Sunday evening to spend sone time. They are temporarily located at the Hotel Franklin. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Good were visitors in Tampa Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A J. Pruitt have returned to their home after spending a pleasant summer in Chicago, where they were the guests of relatives and friends. Mr.

an Mra Frank Daboll. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Daboll of New York state reached Lakeland Saturday evening, having made the trip in their car. They are now pleasantly located at their bungalow on Charles street in Dixieland, which they had erected while in Lakeland last winter.

Like every one else, they report a pleasant trip, and are glad to be back in Lakeland. Troy Reddick of Jacksonville arrived in Lakeland Tuesday evening to locate. Mr. Reddick is connected with the Western Union Telegraph Company of this city. L.

H. T. Omiinsco of Atlanta, 19 in the eity for 3 short stay on business and pleasure combined. Miss Annie Dickson of Bartow was a visitor 111 the cly. Tuesday.

C. L. Singleton and W. B. Rogers of Asheville.

N. are spending several days in the city on business and pleasure combined. James Harvey left Monday on the noon train for Valdosta, where he will spend a couple of weeks' visiting relatives and friends. Miss Laurie Strain of Ft. Meade spent the week-end in the city the charming guest of Mrs.

G. H. Forney. Mr. and Mrs.

Paul Henderson, Mrs. W. K. McRae and Mrs. Manie Robison were among the Lakeland folk spending Wednesday in Tampa shopping and attending to matters of business.

Included in the vanguard of interesting tourist arrivals are Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Smith, who have come from their home in Southern Indiana to spend the winter here for the benefit of Mrs. Smith's health. They are pleasantly located at 610 East Orange street.

G. A. Jewell of Cincinnati. is among the out of town visitors in the city for a few days. Mrs.

Sam Wilson of Bartow was a visitor in the city Thursday el afternoon, shopping and visiting with friends. Among those from Lakeland who left Friday morning to attend the Rotary meeting which was held in Orlando were W. H. Ott, W. S.

Myrick. Fred T. Benford. J. S.

Jewett. Harry Brown and C. E. Todd. Mr.

and Mrs. Howard E. Amee of Boston. are visitors in the city for a short stay, looking after property interests here. They are stopping at Tremont hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Elmes of Tampa were among the out of town visitors in the city Thursday. Mr.

and Mrs. Richard S. Dillard of Moultrie. who were recently married in Tifton, are touring the state of Florida on their wedding trip. Mr.

Dr. lard is a promising young business man of the southern part of Georgia and is charmed with this section of Florida. having spent last winter here. and selected this city for a stop over on his trip. His wife is equally pleased with Lakeland and they contemplate making this city their future home.

W. J. Reddick was confined to his home by illness Thursday. F. C.

Wenert of Jacksonville arrived in the city Thursday to spend some time looking after business. "Household Economics Day" was observed at the meeting of the Woman's Club thursday afternoon. the speakers of the evening being Miss Lois Godbey of Bartow. the home demonstration agent of Polit county, who gave a very interesting address on the home demonstration work and the club work in general. William Gomme, agricultural agent of Polk county, was present at the meeting and gave a splendid talk concerning the crops.

Mrs. B. H. Harnly rendered an Instrumental solo. which was very much appreciated and a vocal solo was rendered by Mrs.

Hollings worth, who sang very sweetly "Sing Me to Sleep." Mrs. W. D. Edwards, president of the club. and Mrs.

W. F. Sneed were in charge of the program. The many Lakeland friends of Mr. and Mrs.

H. G. Zellner and family will regret to learn that they are moving today to Tampa, where they will make their home. Mr. Zellner has the agency for Hanson cars in Tampa.

Mr. and Mre. Dillard Graham. who have been rooming at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Grady Zellner. are now at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Merrill, 410 South Florida avenue. Miss Glen McRae has arrived home from a pleasant visit of two months.

spent in points in North and South Carohna, where she was the gu of relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. F. T.

Himmelwright of Frostproof were among the out of town visitors in the city Thursday. Mrs. P. A. Montgomery of the Lakeland Highlands is having the foundation laid for the erection of an attractive bungalow on Hillerest Drive and Missouri avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Jos. and family of Chicago, have returned to Lakeland for the winter, and are now pleasantly located in their home. near the Lakeland Highlands.

Congressman H. J. Drane reached Lakeland Thursday night from Washington to spend some time in the city. Mr. and Mrs.

Oliver Hall of Lake Wales are vistiors in the city for a short stay and are stopping at the Tremont hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Applegate of St.

Petersburg are visiting friends in the city for a few days. Thomas Lenehan left Thursday for his home in Somerset. after spending the past month in the city the guest of Harold Gillespie. E. N.

Morrow and A. H. De Vane spent Thursday in Orlando transacting business. W. G.

Jones and daughter. Miss Gladys, of Bartow were visitors in the city Thursday morning for a few hours. Howell McLeod, who is a student at the University of Florida at Gainesville, is spending the week-end in Lakeland. Mrs. T.

E. Lewis of Bartow was among the out of town visitors in the city Thursday. My son, do not regard The Tribune Want Ads lightly, or as a thing of no account, for in them are chances a-plenty for success. TO GET QUICK AND PLEASANT DELEIF FROM CONSTIPATION AND BILIOUSNESS TRY A combination of pleasant tasting, easy acting salts that dush the alimentary tract and re-establish natural and healthy action of the liver and bowels. More effective than calomel, oils or other nauseating cathartics.

35c buys a generous bottle at any good drug store. SISTER OF NOTED ARTIST A BRIDE. Mrs. Daniel W. Knowlton, formerly Josephine Gibson, daughter of Mrs.

Charles de Wolf Gibson, and sister of Charles Dana Gibson, noted artist. Her marriage to Daniel W. Knowlton, an aluminus at Harvard, where he has been studying law, took place in DELAND. Nov. and Mrs.

R. A. Wilson gave a reception at their new home on Minnesota avenue, last Thursday evening. The guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. Howard Hodgen, sister of the hostess.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and W. C. Watts, Mrs.

Wiison father, formed the receiving line. About 300 guests called during the evening and enjoyed the hospitality of the genial host and hostess. The Winnemissett Park Company have rented the store in the Codrington building soon to be vacated by Bauman Brothers and will operate a fruit store in connection with their citrus growing and packing business. Mr. and Mrs.

William Underwood of Knoxville, have taken rooms with Mrs. Mary Shoemaker for the season. Mr. and Mrs. "Dud" Rutherford, whose marriage was recently announced, stopped off for a day this week calling on friends.

Mrs. Currey has arrived from England and will make an extended visit at the home of her son, W. B. Currey. Miss Mary E.

May of Oberlin, and Miss Arthur of West Palm Beach, have opened the tea room in the mezzanine of the Dreka Department store, Notice has been received of the death of F. C. Austin in Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. Austin was formerly a resident of DeLand.

The friends of G. A. Dreka will be glad to know that he has SO far recovered as to be able to leave the hospital return to his home. Mr. and Mrs.

W. E. Douglass have returned from Baltimore, and are getting settled in their winter home on East New York avenue. Mrs. R.

J. Bishop of Bishopville spent the week-end with her son and daughter, M. and Mrs. Robert G. Bishop.

She will visit her daughter, Mrs. R. J. Bishop of Daytonn Beach before returning to her home. Mr.

and Mrs. H. J. N. Vile have returned from New Britain, where they, spent the summer.

Mr. Vile is building a nice home in Pinecrest which they will occupy upon its ompletion. J. Will Gardner spent the week-end in DeLand withh is family. Mrs.

W. J. Hill has arrived from Denver. and will make DeLand her home. Miss Dorothy Bracey has returned to her home.

Daytona after a visit with Bracey. la. H. D. Fluhart of the art department of Rollins College spent the week-end in DeLand with his family.

Mrs. L. P. Hagan of Sanford has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. J.

W. Dutton for a few days. Mrs. J. A.

Scarlett is at home again after a summer spent in Wincotte, Penn. Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Gardner of Daytona spent a day in town this week. News has been received from Jacksonville of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. W. E.

Sheddan. Rev. Father Mullaly returned from his trip north and feels greatly improved in health. S. B.

Wright, and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Teate, of Jacksonville, spent several days in DeLand this week.

Wright and Teate have formed a new law firm which will have offices in DeLand and Jacksonville. Born on Sunday, Oct. 30, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W.

A. Buch. S. D. Peaco*ck has gone to Tampa for a visit with his daughter, Mrs.

E. J. Guenther. Miss A. Stout, a sister of Mrs.

Lawrence Radcliff, has recently arrived from Bimingham, England, and will spend the winter, here. M. and J. Boud Orlando, were over Sunday guests of Miss Selena Jarrard. M.

and Mrs. Thos. Owen sevspent eral days in -town this week greeting old friends. They have been located in Dallas, Texas, for the past few years and are now on their way to Palatka where they will engage in photographic work. Lieut.

Farrar Gee is spending his leave of absence from Camp Benning with his 1 family at Mrs. Barron's on Colonial Court. Miss May Bousfield entertained informally following choir practise of he First church, at her home on Adelle avenue, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Percy Winslow who have recently re turned from a summer spent in the North.

The new citrus exchange packing house is completed and the machinery installed. ready for business. thing is of the latest and most ficient type and all machinery is operated by electric motors, the largest of which is of twenty-five horse power. Magnolia Lodge No. 21, I.

0. 0. gave an at home on Monday evening at the lodge room, entertaining the Rebekahs and other geusts. There were about 150 persons present and a most enpoyable evening was spent. A Splendid program or music readings was rendered during the evening and refreshments served.

The DeLand Choral union held its second rehearsal and- business meeting on Monday night and a good tendance was secured I spite of the manw Halloween festivities on the docket. The report of the nominating committee was given and the nominees unanimously elected as a whole. The officers of the association are as follows: Hubert Talton, president: Miss Florence Cain, vice-president; Geo. Ackroyd, secretary; Lee Fallin, treasurer; Mrs. Marian Kenefick, directress, and Mrs.

Evah Baker the evening was the rendering the accompanist. A pleasing feature: of author and composer. Miss Gaut, of a patriotic song to her own accompaniment. Mrs. Sophia Banta has returned to her home after spending a pleasant summer in East Orange.

N. J. A number of riends motored to Kissimmee on Tuesday to witness the SANFORD, Nov. Charles L. Britt was the charming hostess Tuesday afternoon when she entertained at bridge at her home on Palmetto avenue, the guests including the members of the Monday Bridge Club.

Pink dahlias and cosmos were used in charming profusion in decorating the rooms where the card tables were arranged. Of unusual interest was the game of bridge played during the afternoon, high score being made by Mrs. A. B. Wallace, who was awarded a vanity case.

At the conclusion of the card game the hostess served a salad course with accessories tea. Mrs. Aylette Fitts acted as substitute for an absent club member. Mre. Britt's guests included: Mesdames Aylette Fitts, R.

E. Roumillat. E. F. Housholders, B.

L. Perkins, M. S. Wiggins, A. B.

Wallace, Claude Howard, D. P. Drummond, B. Lewis. D.

D. Caldwell, Hal Wight and Miss Mable Bowler. Mrs. Vance Douglas and Mrs. W.

A. Lester entertained the members of the Daughters of Wesley class Tuesday evening at their home, 806 Magnolia avenue. Quantities of goldenrod and yellow daisies were used in decorating. Baskets and vases of these bridge flowers were effectively placed around the rooms. A short business meeting was held, followed by a social hour, during the guests sewed for the Chr-ist mas bazar.

At a late hour the hostesses served chicken salad sandwiches, olives, coffee and candy as refreshments. There were about sixteen members present at last night's meeting. Monday evening the Christian Endeavor of the Congregational church, with a few friends, were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Randall at their home on West First street.

The rooms were decorated with black cats, witches and other things pertaining to Halloween. The evening was passed pleasantly playing all sorts of Halloween games. and later in the evening Mrs. Randall served hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and sandwiches as' refreshments. Col.

and Mrs. Thomas Emmett Wilson have returned from a pleasant visit of several months in the Adiron dacks. They also visited New York city and other points of interest while away and return greatiy refreshed by the outing. Mr. Wilson said he read about big storm in metropolitan newspapers and since no news wag good news he knew that Sanford was safe, as Sanford was not quoted in the dispatches.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Moses are back home again after spending the summer at their home in New York.

The many friends areg lad to see them again and to know that Mrs. Moses has improved in health. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Moses and little who are making their first trip Sanford.

Mr. Sidney Moses is in the cloak and suit manufacturing business in New York. The members of the Evening Bridge Club were very charmingly entertained Tuesday evening by Mrs. W. C.

Hill at her home on Fourth street. There being three tables of players. Quantities of lovely pink roses were used in decorating the rooms where the card tables were placed. After a number or interesting rubbers of birdge Mrs. R.

E. Newman was awarded the prize for nigh score among the ladies. which was a silver tea strainer. Mr. Newman having made high score among the men was presented two linen handkerchiefs.

At a late hour a tempting salad course was served. Dr. Ralph Stevens substituted for an absent club member. Those enjoying this lovely party were: Mr. and Mrs.

R. E. Newman, Col. and Mrs. George Knight, Dr.

and Mrs. S. Puleston, Judge and Mrs. F. E.

Housholder. Mr. and Mrs. D. Thrasher, Dr.

Ralph Stevens and W. C. Hill. Messrs. Hawkins and Walter Connelly entertained at a "Stag" dinner Tuesday evening at their nome on Magnolia avenue, complimenting Mr.

J. D. Woodruff, whose marriage to Miss May Thrasher takeg pace Friday evening at the Presbyterian church. The table was beautiful with its appointments, and the pretty color scheme of pink and green was beautifully carried out. In the center was a large crystal bowl filled with pink roses and on either side were crystal candle sticks holding unshaded pink tapers.

On the place cards were toasts very appropriate and in keeping with the occasion. After dinner a "mock" shower was given the groom-elect. Among those enjoying this delightful occasion were: Messrs. J. D.

Woodruff, Harry Forran of Eustis, Chittenden and Ralph Woodruff. The Woman's Clu' held a most important business meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Leonardy, the president, was in the chair. The question of the sale of the present club house and the erection of 2 loW one was discussed fully.

After much deliberation, the club voted to put the matter into the hands of the building committee. They will secure prices on lots and plans for a new club house, and also investigate all offers of purchasers of the present building. The officers and chairmen gave splendid reports. The chairman of literature announced that all visitors were welcome to meetings of the literature and music departments. After the report of the committee on meeting was adjourned.

Mrs. Raymond Key entertained at Revision of the constitution, the lion a lovely bridge party last evening at her home on Park avenue, honoring Miss May Thrasher, a charming bride-elect. Mrs. Key, Mrs. Thrasher and Mrs.

Forest Lake formed the receiving line welcoming the guests on their arrival. Miss Thrasher was beautifully attired in black charmeuse, with ostrich trimmings. The decorations were elaborate and beautiful and featured a dainty color of pink, green and lavender. In the reception hall the table was centered with a "kewpie" bride, in full wedding attire, and groom with the conventional evening full dress suit. and a cunning little "kewpie" flower girl.

In the living room and dining rooms where the card tables were arranged lovely roses, lilies and lavender flowers were artistically placed. At each guest's place at the card tables little pink baskets with lavender flowers held coated almonds carrying out the color motif. Several interesting game of bridge were enjoyed, the prize for high score, a Madeira handkerchief and case, were won by Mrs. Ashby Gibbons of Tampa; while Mr. Kirtley, making high score among the was awarded silk socks.

Mr. Woodruff and Miss Thrasher were presented a beautiful framed picture as souvenir of the evening Delicious refreshments of ice cream In pink and green, cake, coffee and mints were served. Among those present were: Miss Thrasher, Mrs. Forrest Lake, Mrs. D.

L. Thrasher, J. D. Woodruff. Mr.

and Mrs. Robert Hines, Mr. and Mrs. C. R.

Kirtley, Dr. and Mrs. Ben Caswell, Mrs. Ashby Gibbons of Tampa, Misses Agnes Dumas, Marion Phillips, Daphne Wimbish. Norma Herndon, Sara Wright, Lettie Caldwell.

Adelaide Higgins, Marjorie Clay, Florence Henry and Marie Teague, Messrs. Ed Meisch. Paul Lake, Ned Chittenden, Benjamin Whitner, Randall Chase, SANFORD Raymond Phillips, Billy Holden, Hawkins Connelly, Hodgson Ball, Walter Connelly, Bob Deane and A. R. Key.

A. Candwell arrived here Thursday and has accepted a position with Chase Co. R. F. Tomlinson of Tallahassee, was in the city Thursday transacting business.

Mrs. J. N. Hampton of Waycross, is spending some time here at the Montezuma. Ralph Snow of New Orleans, representing J.

S. Long is in the city transacting business. L. C. Fredericks of Princeton, is stopping at the Montezuma while in the city on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hyneman of Princeton, are spending some time here at the Montezuma. John R. Marshall and R.

M. Johnson of Fort Myers, were among the business visitors here Thursday. Carl L. Ferran of Eustis, was in the city Friday morning as the guest of his sister, Mrs. D.

L. Thrasher. Miss Agnes Cain of Miami, stopped over with her friend, Mrs. Don Galloway enroute to Lake Wales. W.

O. Murrell of Wauchula, is spending home time here with his parents, Capt. and Mrs. K. R.

Murrell. F. A. of Jacksonville, senting Fenole Chemical is spending several days here on business. The many friends of R.

E. Telford are glad to see him back in Sanford after spending some time in Winter Haven. Mr. and Mrs. M.

S. Wiggins and attractive little daughter, Dorothy Ellwood. are now pleasantly located the home formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W.

D. Gillon, on Elm avenue. Mrs. Gus Linfus of Columbia, S. pleasantly remembered as Miss Annie McDermid, is expected to arrive Friday afternoon and will spend part of the winter with her aunt and uncle.

Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Robson.

Mrs. W. J. Thigpen entertained the members of the Every Week Bridge Club very delightfully yesterday afternoon at her home on Park avenue, there being two tables of players. Lovely pink roses were effectively used in decorating the rooms where the card tables were placed.

An absorbing game of bridge was played, high score among the club members was made by Mrs. J. E. Barrett, while Mrs. L.

Kolb won the prize for having made high score among the guests. Both prizes were dainty bon corsages. At the conclusion of the card game Mrs. Thigpen served oyster patties, fruit salad, sandwiches and coffee as refreshments. Those enjoying Mrs.

Thigpen's cordial hospitality were: Mesdames Forrest Lake. A. R. Key, J. E.

Barrett. G. F. Smith, C. M.

Vorce, D. P. Drummond, L. C. Kolb and Miss Mary Irvin.

COCOA COCOA, Nov. E. P. Porcher and Miss Myrtis Porcher left for Washington, D. where they will be the house guests of Mrs.

D. A. Blodgett until the middle of November. They will attend the marriage of their niece and cousin, Miss Mona Blodgett, and St. Pierre Gillard, at which wedding Miss Myrtis Porcher will be the maid of honor.

Morris Rubine of Miami visited his brothers, Isadore and Ralph, here last week for a few days. After a pleasant stay of several months at Homer, N. Mr. and Mrs. G.

P. Yager arrived at their Rockledge home last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and little grandson, after spending the past few months at Brushton, N.

are at their home north of the city for the winter. G. P. Ferrer and Donald Fizgerald drove to Orlando Thursday, where they will be at the Tremont, the hotel recently leased by Mr. Weidenee and Perry Alexander of this city, and who also manage the Cocoa house and the new Hotel Knox.

Their many friends are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Fiske back from New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Fiske are now occupying the Perry house on Oak street, the same as the last two seasons. After a delightful sojourn among the New England hills, Miss Louise M. Powe has returned to her winter home at Rockledge.

Mrs. N. J. Carlton, who has been spending the summer in Chicago, stopped at Sharpes for a short visit with her brother and family, Mr. J.

W. Spafford, enroute to her home in Miami. Rev. and Mrs. G.

T. Bennett of dick have been the guests of their daughter, Miss Hazel Bennett, supervisor of the primary department of the cocoa schools for several days. Miss Sarah Polk, one of the Titusville schoolteachers, spent the weekend with her sister, Wall, in Cocoa. Mrs. H.

C. Elliston returned last week from Ohio, where she has been spending the summer, and is located at her attractive home on the waterfront in north Cocoa. Capt. and Mrs. James Risk, daughter, Doris, and son, James, are occupying their new home on the river front near Rockledge.

The new home has just recently been built by Captain Risk and is a model of convenience and comfort. W. W. Buxton is getting his residence which he recently purchased in Rockledge in readiness for his family, who will soon be down from their summer home in Batavia, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Rollin Wright and children of Hudson Falls, N. arrived last week.

Miss Donna Coy left Wednesday for an extended visit with friends in Knoxville, and Cincinnati, O. Mrs. George Coy, her mother, accompanied her as far north as Jacksonville. Mr. and Mrs.

L. E. Fay have arrived from Clinton, after spending part of the summer at Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Mr. and Mrs.

Merle Snyder motored down this year from their home in Germantown, N. and made it in twelve days in spite of the horrible roads which they encountered. Mr. and Mrs. D.

W. Lansing are occupying the Tyler bungalow at Merritt this season. The Lansings are summer residents of Scranton. Pa. H.

C. Quinn of Ft. Lauderdale was a visitor in Cocoa Tuesday. OCALA OCALA. Nov.

the past week Ocala has been extremely active in social life. Many were the number of beautiful parties given during Halloween. One of the largest was the one given on Monday night when Miss Nettie Camp entertained at a seven table auction party as a special compliment to two popular bridal couples, Mr. and Mrs. Norton P.

Davis, and Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Nichols.

Among the younger hosts and hostesses entertaining at gay "ghosts" parties were: Miss Nell Wallis. Miss Marion Meffert, Master William Drake. William and George Lloyd. Their a delightful party was given on Saturday night of last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas Sexton, when nine little girls entertained fifty of their friends. On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. P. G.

Murphy entertained sixteen of their friends at an informal but delightful party in honor of Mr and Mrs. D. S. Woodrow. who are leaving Ocala soon for Miami, where they will reside in the future.

Among the many delightful parties given during the week. none were any more enjoyed than the one given by Mrs. J. D. Good and Miss Annie Bucton Fuller, at the home of Mrs.

C. C. Arms. One of the affairs of the social calendar this week was an informal auction party given by Mrs. Harvey Clark.

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Mr. and Mrs. Christian Ax have arrived from Baltimore and are at home to their friends at their winter home at King. Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Hager are again in Ocala and will spend the winter here. J. S. Pearson arrived Monday and has been his custom for many years, will spend the winter in Ocala. Mr.

and Mrs. C. H. Lloyd of Jacksonville spent a few days in Ocala during the week. Mr.

and Mrs. Jack Camp, and son, are at home from a four- months' stay at their summer home in Asheville. For Colds and Grippe Follow Doctor's Advice. Bristol, R. I.

DELAND marriage of Miss Alie Steed to Edmund Corray. Ms. John Stillman and sons of Jacksonville, are the guests of Mrs. Belle Coulter on West New York avenue. Mr.

and Mrs. Arius Prather have returned from their vacation trip of a month which was spent at Peasant Plains, and other places. Mr. and Mrs. R.

H. Boyd, motored to Tampa this week, Boyd was on business the Volusia County Bank and Trust Company. Leo Nordman has severed his nection with the A. C. entered the employ of Bauman Brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Bogue and children of Kendall.

were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Carl.

M. O. Causey, freight agent at the A. C. L.

depot, has a ninety day leave of absence. O. P. Cecile wil: substitute until his return. Mr.

and Mrs H. C. Kooser and their laughter, Mrs atalph, are again in their cottage in Pinecrest after spending the summer in Pennsyivania as usual. Mr. and Mrs.

M. Sternberger of Greensboro, N. are guests of Mrs. Sternberger's mother, Mrs. M.

Davis Oil North Boulevard. Several ladies motored to Sanford Tuesday upon invitation ot M1s. D. M. Calloway of that city.

Mics Ruth Houston enter a 'ned with a Halloween party at her home on North Boulevard on Monday evening. Fred DeHuy was over from Daytona one day this week. D. B. Tuten of the First National Bank made a business trip to Tampa this week.

Miss Bessie Peaco*ck entertained the Philathea class of the Presbyterian church at her home on Tuesday evening. The Junior B. Y. P. U.

of the Baptist church gave a Halloween party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Foard on Monday evening. Misses Blanche Glenn and Nell Pattillo entertained the faculty of the public school with a masquerade at the home of Miss Pattillo on Monday evening. The Federation of Women's Clubs of Volusia county held their quarterly meeting at the commercial club in DeLand on Tuesday.

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 o'clock by the president, Mrs. M. L. Stanley of Daytona. A number of important matters were discussed, among which was the beautifying of the various drives around the several towns.

The meeting adjourned to the Putnam Inn at noon for luncheon, the officers of the Woman's Club of DeLand being the hostesses. Mrs. F. A. Drinkwater of Bass River.

has taken the Kamppanien home on Garfield avenue for the season. Dr. Drinkwater is in England at present but will be down about the middle of December. Mrs. C.

Warner has returned to her home in DeLand after spending the summer in Ludwig, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. H. M.

Burrows are at their home on North Boulevard after the usual summer sojourn in New England. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Botts entertained at their home on San Souci honor of the golden wedding anniversary of Mrs. Botts' grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. G. M. Ball. About twenty guests were present to celebrate the occasion.

The Clyde S. S. opened their new ofifce and reight warehouse in the new Conrad block on West New York avenue this week. This part of the building has been especially fitted up for purpose with driveway through the building, truck high unloading platforms, and a well appointed office to take care of both passenger and freight service. Mr.

H. J. Jernegan of Boston and Brookline. will be inc harge. Nathan Roberts is building a home near Blue Lake Park.

D. M. Vest is building a house on the lake front at Winnemissett. Rev. J.

S. Chapman of Orlando is the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Johnson Coberly for a few days. Mr. and Mrs.

R. A. Jacobs and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Iowa, are located in the Morrison house on Florida avenue.

Miss Claire Stringfellow, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Alexander, has returned to home in Jacksonville.

Mrs. Harold Cummings and children have arrived from New Haven, to join Mr. Cummings who has been here about a month. Bauman Bros. have moved to their fine new store in the new Conrad block on West New York avenue.

The Winnemissett Park Co. fruit store and J. M. Smith will occupy the store vaated by them in the Codrington building. Major W.

G. S. Lowe has gone to Hot Springs, hoping to get relef from the rheumatism from which he has been suffering severely the past several months. The major's son, Captain Lowe, of the U. S.

A. coast artillery, accompanied him and will remain a few days before returning to his post at Fort Sott, Cal. Mrs. J. Archy Smith entertained the Browning Club at her home on Clara avenue.

Wednesday afternoon. C. S. Fuller of Jacksonville, is visiting in town for a short time The tent for the Forum has arrived and has been set up in the rear of the Baptiste hurch. It will be occupied for the first time on Sunday, Nov.

6, when W. W. Friseren of the U. S. engineer's office in Jacksonville, will deliver an address of "The Ideals and Opportunities of a Civil Engineer." Employers watch The Tribune Want Ads, too, so just run one of your own, if your watching does not result as quickly as you would like.

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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida (2024)


What happened to The Tampa Tribune? ›

On May 3, 2016, the Tampa Bay Times announced that it had acquired the Tribune, and was combining the Times and Tribune's operations, ending publication of the Tribune.

What is the main newspaper in Tampa, Florida? ›

The Tampa Bay Times is widely considered one of the Top Ten newspapers in America and has won nine Pulitzer Prizes.

What happened to the St. Pete Times? ›

Petersburg Times was renamed the Tampa Bay Times; this stemmed from a 2006 decision of a lawsuit with Media General, at the time the publishers of the Times' competing newspaper, The Tampa Tribune, which allowed that paper to keep its exclusive right to use the name of its defunct sister paper, The Tampa Times, for ...

Does St. Petersburg, FL have a newspaper? ›

Petersburg Times, former name of the Tampa Bay Times, an American newspaper.

Who owns the St. Petersburg Times? ›

It also publishes the business magazine Florida Trend and the daily newspaper tbt*. Times Publishing Company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is owned by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school in St.

Who left ABC Action news Tampa? ›

Brendan McLaughlin will pursue other bay area projects. TAMPA — Longtime Tampa Bay news anchor Brendan McLaughlin is leaving WFTS-Ch. 28 after 21 years, the latest in a series of anchor retirements and departures from local television stations.

What is Florida's biggest newspaper? ›

Florida's Largest Daily Newspaper | Tampa Bay Times.

Is Tampa a good place to live? ›

Moving to Tampa? Part of the Tampa Bay area, this Florida city is one of the best places to live in the Southeast, with affordable living options, gorgeous tropical weather, quick access to the beach, and more. If you're thinking about living in Tampa, here are 12 things to know!

How deep is Tampa Bay? ›

On average, Tampa Bay measures only about 11 feet deep. However, many man-made shipping channels have been dredged to allow large ships a safe passageway. The largest shipping channel is 43 feet deep and 40 miles long.

Is it cheaper to live in Tampa or St. Petersburg? ›

Pete runs pretty on par with Clearwater. The cost of living in St. Petersburg, Florida, is 1.4 percent lower than in Tampa, and it's exactly the same as Clearwater.

Why is St. Pete so popular? ›

Pete is home to world-famous museums and independent galleries, a thriving performing arts scene, film festivals, live music, a vibrant literary arts community, a close-knit community of working artists and crafts-people, and a whole lot of public art and outdoor installations.

Why are people moving to St. Pete? ›

Saint Petersburg, Florida, often referred to as "St. Pete" and nicknamed "Sunshine City," is a vibrant city on the Gulf Coast of Florida near Tampa. With its stunning beaches, rich cultural scene, and thriving community, it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing to relocate to Saint Petersburg each year.

Does Clearwater have a newspaper? › | Dedicated to providing interesting, informative hometown news.

Is it Tampa or Tampa Bay? ›

Tampa (US: /ˈtæmpə/ TAM-pə) is a city on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. state of Florida. The city's borders include the north shore of Tampa Bay and the east shore of Old Tampa Bay. Tampa is the largest city in the Tampa Bay area and the county seat of Hillsborough County.

Where can I buy a Florida Today newspaper? ›

Pick it up at any of these fine locations:
  • Walmart.
  • Publix.
  • Winn Dixie.
  • Walgreens.
  • 7 Eleven.
  • Circle K.
  • McDonalds.
  • Speedway.

What happened to 97.1 Tampa? ›

In February, parent company Cox Media Group made a deal with private equity firm Apollo Global Management. Two of its stations, WSUN 97.1 FM and Orlando pop station WPYO 95.3 FM, were acquired by Spanish Broadcasting System as part of the arrangement, which was worth $12.5 million.

What happened to the old Tampa Stadium? ›

It also hosted two Super Bowls, in 1984 and 1991, as well as the 1984 USFL Championship Game. To meet the revenue demands of the Buccaneers' new owners, Raymond James Stadium was built nearby in 1998, and Tampa Stadium was demolished in early 1999.

Who publishes the Tampa Bay Times? ›

We are a for-profit news organization owned by the nonprofit Poynter Institute, the preeminent journalism training organization in the nation. The paper's publisher, The Times Publishing Company, also publishes the business magazine Florida Trend and the weekly newspaper tbt*.

What happened to the Oakland Tribune? ›

Founded in 1874, the Tribune rose to become an influential daily newspaper. With the decline of print media, in 2016, the paper announced that the Tribune would fold into a new newspaper entitled, the East Bay Times along with its owners other newspapers in the East Bay starting April 5, 2016.


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